Saunders Dominates Track

Junior under 17 rider Callum Saunders completely dominated Cuddon Cycling Marlborough’s track meeting at Athletic Park last Monday evening.
Saunders started the evening with a good win in the 1000m scratch event and followed up with another win in the points race. His final win came in the 8000m scratch where he jumped away in the final lap to take line honours by a comfortable margin. Quinn Karwowski took out the 500m handicap event whilst Gerard van Antwerpen was the other consistent rider on the night taking two second and one third placing.
10/01/2011 Open 1000m rolling start, C Saunders 1, C Sloan 2, G van Antwerpen 3, 1m 16s. Points race, C Saunders 1, G van Antwerpen 2, C Sloan 3. 500m handicap, Q Karwowski (15m) 1, J Kidd (90m) 2, A Jamieson (55m) 3, 38.29s. 8000m rolling start, C Saunders 1, G van Antwerpen 2, J Kidd 3, 11m 21s.
03/01/2011, Open 1000m rolling start, Q Karwowski 1, G van Antwerpen 2, W Hall 3, 1m 16s. 500m handicap, W Hall (scr) 1, N McIntyre (45m) 2, G Henderson (20m) 3, 39.18s. Miss and Out, G van Antwerpen 1, A Jamieson 2, N McIntyre 3. 8000m rolling start, G van Antwerpen 1, A Jamieson 2, G Henderson 3, 11m 56s.