Dunstan Secures Time Trial Series In 4th Ride

Ray Dunstan rode to his fourth consecutive time trial win in Cuddon Cycling Marlborough’s Cycle World Series time trial No4 at Fairhall last week.
Dunstan rode his fastest time (20m 52s) of the series on the 16km New Renwick Road course to secure the series win with one ride in hand. Gerard van Antwerpen (22m 46s) headed off Andrew Jamieson (22m 47s) in a close ride for the minor placings on the night. Other good times went to Lee Griggs (23m 29s), Brent Ackroyd (23m 44s) and Ryan Lock (23m 44s). The sealed handicap section went to Graham Henderson by 25 seconds to Richard Holdaway and Ben Verhoef.
Cycle World Series, Time Trial No4, 16km- R Dunstan 20m 52s 1, G van Antwerpen 22m 46s 2, A Jamieson 22m 47s 3, L Griggs 23m 29s 4, B Ackroyd and R lock 23m 44s 5 equal, C Murphy 24m 01s 7, C Sloan 24m 22s 8, A Clark 24m 50s 9, G Henderson 25m 30s 10. Sealed handicap, G Henderson (5m 15s) 20m 15s 1, R Holdaway (6m 30s) and B Verhoef (5m) 20m 40s 2 equal, R Dunstan (scr) 20m 52s 4, A Clark (3m 50s) 21m 00s 5, L Griggs (2m 25s) 21m 04s 6, R Lock (2m 30s) and L Landon-Lane (5m 45s) 21m 14s 7 equal, G van Antwerpen (1m 30s) 21m 16s 9, A Jamieson (1m 30s) 21m 17s 10.