Saunders Continues Track Domination

Junior under 17 rider Callum Saunders continued his dominance of Cuddon Cycling Marlborough’s track cycling meetings at Athletic Park.
Over the last two track meetings Saunders has scored six wins from nine events. His most successful events have been the 1000m and the 8000m scratch events where last Monday evening he repeated his previous weeks efforts. Also he rode a very good time of 37.36s for the 500m time trial. Conal Sloan and Glen Herkt are a couple of riders starting to show form with some good placings, along with the consistency of Conway Taylor, Gerard van Antwerpen and quinn Karwowski.
17/01/2011- 1000m rolling start, C Saunders 1, Q Karwowski 2, W Hall 3, 1m 22s. 500m handicap, G Herkt (35m) 1, C Sloan (45m) 2, J Kidd (90m) 3, 36.08s. Miss and out, Q karwowski 1, J Kidd 2, A Jamieson 3. 500m TT, C Saunders 37.36s 1, Q Karwowski 38.48s 2, C Sloan 39.61s 3. 8000m r/s, C Saunders 1, G van Antwerpen 2, Q Karwowski 3, 11m 03s.
24/01/2011- 1000m r/s, C Saunders 1, C Sloan 2, C Taylor 3, 1m 13s. Points race, G van Antwerpen 15pt 1, C Saunders 12pt 2, G Herkt 7pt 3. Kieran final, C Saunders 1, C Taylor 2, G Herkt 3. Kieran losers final, M Pendleton 1, G van Antwerpen 2, G Henderson 3. 8000m r/s, C Saunders 1, C Taylor 2, C Sloan 3, 11m 16s.