Cycle World Stage Race No4 To Scott

Strong riding by Josh Scott gave him the win in Cuddon Cycling Marlborough’s Cycle World Series Stage race No4 last Wednesday evening.
The first 12km stage covered a course from Wither Hills Winery on New Renwick Road, up Brancott Road and finishing on the second climb on Bookers Road. Windy conditions saw the field split at the 4km mark when Gerard van Antwerpen and Scott went clear. The finishing climb saw Scott gain a 22 second advantage over Van Antwerpen with another 26 seconds back to Jeremy McKenzie in third place.
Stage Two over 12km raced back down Brancott Road, up to a turn in Godfreys Road and returned to Wither Hills Winery. The fast pace saw 8 riders form the front group with Van Antwerpen taking the sprint to the line from Conal Sloan and Lee Griggs.
The overall classification went to Scott by 21 seconds to van Antwerpen and another 37 seconds to McKenzie. Scott also took the sealed handicap win by 6 seconds to Sloan with a further 9 seconds to Will Hart.
Cycle World Series Stage Race No4- Stage One 12km, J Scott 17m 34s 1, G van Antwerpen 17m 56s 2, J McKenzie 18m 22s 3, W Hart 18m 31s 4, L Griggs 18m 40s 5, C Sloan 18m 51s 6, B Ackroyd 19m 11s 7, F McCloy 20m 32s 8, B Verhoef 20m 46s 9, G Henderson 20m 50s 10. Stage Two 12km, G van Antwerpen 18m 06s 1, C Sloan s.t. 2, L Griggs 18m 07s 3, J Scott s.t. 4, B Ackroyd 18m 08s 5, B Verhoef 18m 14s 6, J McKenzie 18m 17s 7, G Henderson 18m 32s 8, W Hart 19m 05s 9, R Cooper 19m 07s 10. General Classification, J Scott 35m 41s 1, G van Antwerpen at 21s 2, J McKenzie at 58s 3, L Griggs at 1m 06s 4, C Sloan 1m 16s 5. Sealed handicap, J Scott (20s) 35m 21s 1, C Sloan (1m 30s) at 06s 2, W Hart (2m) at 15s 3, G van Antwerpen (25s) at 16s 4, D Monk (6m) at 27s 5.
19/01/2011, Cycle World Series Graded Race No4 32km- A grade, J Scott 51m 05s 1, J Kidd 51m 07s 2, C Taylor 51m 09s 3, C Saunders 51m 28s 4, L Griggs 51m 43s 5. B grade, Q Karwowski 53m 30s 1, L Landon-Lane 53m 33s 2, M Bruce 54m 22s 3, B Verhoef 55m 45s 4, G Henderson s.t. 5. C grade, B Oliver 61m 25s 1, D Monk s.t. 2, A Carter 69m 00s 3, N De Veres s.t. 4, S Stocker 69m 06s 5.