Cuddon Host Tasman Centre Track Champs

Cuddon Cycling Marlborough hosted the Tasman Centre Track Championships in hot and windy conditions at Athletic Park on Saturday.
The standout rider of the meeting was Nelson’s Junior under 19 rider Kristoff Ford who won the junior under 19 1000m time trial, Sprint event and 3000m pursuit in some very good times for the conditions. Ford then followed up with two great wins in the Open mens 8km scratch race and 10km points race. 
Local star Callum Saunders had a good day in winning the junior under 17 Sprints, 4km scratch race, and 8km points race, and was second in the 500m time trial and the 2000m pursuit. Consistent local Conway Taylor won the Masters 1 750m time trial and 3000m pursuit. 
Tasman Centre Track Championships, Athletic Park, Blenheim.
Under 15 Boys 500m Time Trial, M Jones (Nelson) 45.17s 1, B Ford (N) 47.82s 2. Under 15 Girls 500m Time Trial, M Kerr (N) 48.37s 1. Under 17 Boys 500m Time Trial, G Napier (N) 38.37s 1, C Saunders (Marllb) 38.78s 2, C Ford (N) 38 97s 3. Under 17 Girls 500m Time Trial, O Miller (N) 44.92s 1, S Ginders (M) 46.60s 2. Masters 3 500m Time Trial, G Henderson (M) 42.33s 1, M Pendleton (M) 44.38s 2. Masters 2 500m Time Trial, G Jones (N) 39.80s 1, G van Antwerpen (M) 42.91s 2. Masters 1 750m Time Trial, C Taylor (M) 56.67s 1, W Spence (N) 59.00s 2, A Jamieson (M) 61.60s 3. Under 19 Mens 1000m Time Trial, K Ford (N) 1m 12.30s 1, D Ellison (N) 1m 16.05s 2, S Hambrook (N) 1m 17.56s 3. Open Mens 1000m Time Trial, C Sloan (M) 1m 21.97s 1, F McCloy (M) 1m 23.92s 2, J Kidd (M) 1m 25.11s 3. Under 17 Boys Sprint Final, C Saunders (M) beat G Napier (N) 13.37s, 13.56s. Ride for Third Place, Q Karwowski (M) beat C Ford (N) 13.24s, 14.51s. Under 19 Mens Sprint Final, K Ford (N) beat D Ellison (N) 12.28s, 12.89s. Under 15 Boys/Girls 2km Scratch Race, O Miller (N) 1, M Jones (N) 2, M Kerr (N) 3, 3m 19s. Masters 3 2000m Pursuit Final, M Pendleton (M) 2m 57.08s 1, G Henderson (M) 3m 07.01s 2. Under 17 Girls 2000m Pursuit, O Miller (N) 3m 11.50s 1. Under 17 Boys 2000m Pursuit, M Black (N) 2m 40.87s 1, C Saunders (M) 2m 42.38s 2, G Napier (N) 2m 44.40s 3. Masters 2 3000m Pursuit, G van Antwerpen (M) 4m 12.68s 1. Masters 1 3000m Pursuit, C Taylor (M) 3m 54.15s 1, W Spence (N) 4m 04.50s 2, A Jamieson (M) 4m 16.58s 3. Under 19 Men 3000m Pursuit, K Ford (N) 3m 50.13s 1, S Hambrook (N) 3m 59.78s 2, D Ellison (N) 4m 00.05s 3. Senior Mens 3000m Pursuit, C Sloan (M) 4m 15.53s 1, F McCloy (M) 4m 38.90s 2. Under 17 Boys 4km Scratch Race Final, C Saunders (M) 1, C Ford (N) 2, L Julian (N) 3, 6m 09s. Under 15 Boys/Girls & Under 17 Girls 500m Derby, O Miller (N) 1, M Jones (N) 2, B Ford (N) 3, 44.54s. Under 15 Boys/Girls & Under 17 Girls 6 Laps Points Race, M Jones (N) 13pt 1, O Miller (N) 8pt 2, M Kerr (N) 7pt 3. Open Mens 8km Scratch Race Final, K Ford (N) 1, D Ellison (N) 2, J McMillan (N) 3, 11m 05s. Under 17 Boys 8km Points Race Final, C Saunders (M) 15pt 1, C Ford (N) 11pt 2, G Napier (N) 9pt 3. Open Mens 10km Points Race Final, K Ford (N) 25pt 1, D Ellison (N) 19pt 2, W Spence (N) 10pt 3.