Scott Takes Final TT In Cycle World Series

Josh Scott was in top form to take out the fastest time in Cuddon Cycling Marlborough’s Cycle World Time Trial No5 last wednesday evening.
Scott flew over the New Renwick Road/Godfreys Road 16km course in a good time of 21m 04s to win the final event of the series. The consistent Conway Taylor (21m 27s) was second with close competition for third place between Gerard van Antwerpen (22m 22s) and Andrew Jamieson (22m 29s). The sealed handicap was won by Ben Verhoef by 5 seconds to Scott and another 33 seconds back to Sara Stocker in third place.
Cycle World Time Trial Series No5, 16km, J Scott 21m 04s 1, C Taylor 21m 27s 2, G van Antwerpen 22m 22s 3, A Jamieson 22m 29s 4, J McKenzie 23m 03s 5, B Ackroyd 23m 10s 6, R Lock 23m 41s 7, L Griggs 23m 45s 8, B Verhoef 23m 59s 9, W Hart 24m 48s 10. B Verhoef (4m 30s) 19m 29s 1, J Scott (1m 30s) 19m 34s 2, S Stocker (9m) 20m 07s 4, B Ackroyd (2m 40s) 20m 30s 5, A Jamieson (1m 55s) 20m 34s 6, L Landon Lane (6m) 20m 47s 7, C Taylor (30s) 20m 53s 8, R Lock (2m 45s) 20m 56s 9, J McKenzie (2m) 21m 03s 10.