Van Antwerpen Wins On Home Ground

Cuddon Cycling Marlborough’s Saturday racing campaign commenced with graded events on the Lower Wairau circuit last weekend.
Windy and warm conditions certainly tested all riders on the 13km circuit taking in Dillons Point Road, Swamp Road, Morgans Road, Jones Road, Vickerman Street and Rowberrys Road. The ‘A’ grade covered 33km with pressure by the top riders reducing the leading group down to five in the latter stages. Gerard van Antwerpen took line honours in the sprint home over Tony Catterick, Brodie Catterick,  Brent Ackroyd  and Leatham Landon-Lane. A larger ‘B’ grade group also rode over 33km, but was whittled down to 10 riders after several breakaway attempts. Warren Hall took a decisive win in the sprint from Nick Blakiston, Mike Murphy, Todd Neal and Graham Henderson. The ‘C’ grade stayed intact in their 26km event with Georgia Catterick taking the win from Jacob Anderson, Haidi Collins, Sharon de Castro and Gill Painter.
Graded events, Lower Wairau- ‘A’ grade 33km, G van Antwerpen 53m 15s 1, T Catterick s.t. 2, B Catterick s.t. 3, B Ackroyd s.t. 4, L Landon-Lane s.t. 5. ‘B’ grade 33km, W Hall 57m 43s 1, N Blakiston 57m 45s 2, M Murphy 57m 46s 3, T Neal s.t. 4, G Henderson 57m 49s 5, M Bruce 57m 52s 6, B Verhoef s.t. 7, R Murphy s.t. 8, F Marfell s.t. 9, G Bateman s.t. 10. ‘C’ grade 26km, G Catterick 55m 52s 1, J Anderson s.t. 2, H Collins s.t. 3, S de Castro 55m 54s 4, G Painter s.t. 5.