Scott Leads Four Stage Event

Cuddon Cycling Marlborough’s riders competed in the first two stages of the Curtis Piper Memorial 4 stage event at Renwick on Saturday afternoon.
The first stage was a 4km time trial starting on Condors Bend Road and finishing on Bedford Road. Josh Scott was in good form to produce the fastest time of 5m 02s. The minor placings went to Gerard van Antwerpen (5m 08s) and Ray Dunstan (5m 10s), with Lee Griggs (5m 13s) and Todd Neal (5m 15s) also close up. The handicap section went to Craig Anderson by 5 seconds to Graham Henderson with another 1 second to Ben Verhoef. Stage two was a 60km massed start event from the Grove Mill Winery to the Waihopai dam and return. Even after several breakaway attempts the 30 strong field was only broken down to 18 riders for the final sprint. Gerard van Antwerpen convincingly took line honours from Griggs and Neal. The handicap section again went to Anderson from Glen Bateman and Verhoef.
Josh Scott holds the overall lead going into next weeks final stages by 5 seconds to Van Antwerpen with Griggs a further 6 seconds back in third place.
Curtis Piper Memorial Stage One 4km time trial, J Scott 5m 02s 1, G van Antwerpen 5m 08s 2, R Dunstan 5m 10s 3, L Griggs 5m 13s 4, T Neal 5m 15s 5, B Ackroyd 5m 22s 6, A Clark 5m 24s 7, C Murphy and M Murphy 5m 25s 8 equal, G Bateman 5m 26s 10. Handicap, C Anderson 6pt, G Henderson 5pt, B Verhoef 4pt, F Marfell 3pt, G Bateman 2pt, M Straker 1pt. Stage Two 60km massed start, G van Antwerpen 1hr 32m 55s 1, L Griggs 1hr 32m 56s 2, T Neal s.t. 3, T Burfitt s.t. 4, M Murphy s.t. 5, B Ackroyd s.t. 6, P Halligan s.t. 7, G Ludemann s.t. 8, A Clark s.t. 9, L Landon-Lane 10. Handicap, C Anderson 6pt, G Bateman 5pt, B Verhoef 4pt, C Murphy 3pt, T Neal 2pt, M Murphy 1pt.