Taylor Takes Track Titles

Cuddon Cycling Marlborough’s club track championships continued at Athletic Park last Monday evening with Conway Taylor winning the 8000m scratch event for the Gary Langridge Memorial Cup.
The open grade event was ridden at a good pace with Gerard van Antwerpen attempting two breakaways in the latter stages which were unsuccessful. Taylor took the event in the final sprint from van Antwerpen and Andrew Jamieson. Earlier in the evening Warren Hall dominated with wins in the 1000m scratch and 800m handicap events whilst van Antwerpen won the miss and out event.
The previous weeks track evening saw Taylor retain the club individual pursuit title, over 3000m, with a good time in the windy conditions of 3m 56.45s. The minor placings went to van Antwerpen (4m 14.79s) and Glen Herkt (4m 18.57s). The junior under 17 2000m pursuit title went to Callum Saunders in 2m 39.4s over Quinn Karwowski (2m 48.35s) and Nick Blakiston (2m 48.43s).
Track 28/02/11- Open grade, 1000m r/s, W Hall 1, C Taylor 2, A Jamieson 3, 1m 26s. 800m handicap, W Hall (50m) 1, N Blakiston (50m) 2, A Jamieson (50m) 3, 55s. Miss and Out, G van Antwerpen 1, A Jamieson 2, C Taylor 3. 8000m r/s (Gary Langridge Memorial Cup), C Taylor 1, G van Antwerpen 2, A Jamieson 3, 11m 10s.
Track 21/02/11- Open grade, Club championship 3000m individual pursuit, C Taylor 3m 56.45s 1, G van Antwerpen 4m 14.79s 2, G Herkt 4m 18.57s 3. Junior under 17 2000m individual pursuit championship, C Saunders 2m 38.40s 1, Q Karwowski 2m 48.35s 2, N Blakiston 2m 48.43s 3. Open 8000m r/s, C Saunders 1, C Taylor 2, G van Antweren 3, 10m 59s.