McKenzie Wins Whatamango

A great climb on the second stage hillclimb time trial secured victory for Jeremy McKenzie in Cuddon Cycling Marlborough’s Whatamango 3 stage trophy event last Saturday afternoon.
The open grade 64km event started with a 27km massed start stage from Blenheim through to Picton. A break on through the swamp saw Jamie Kidd and Craig Murphy make a valiant effort to stay away for approximately 10km. The pair were hauled back in at the start of the Elevation climb by the main bunch of 17 riders. The climb whittled the group down to a dozen for the sprint in Kent Street. Conway Taylor took the stage win from Gerard van Antwerpen with Andrew Jamieson and McKenzie at equal third. The handicap section went to Dave Hutchison from Warren Hall and Frank Marfell.
Stage Two known as the ‘Whatamongrel’ is a 10km time trial from Waikawa Bay around into Whatamango Bay and then up to the top of the steep Whatamango hill which overlooks Port Underwood. McKenzie showed good form to ride a slick 26m 15s for fastest time ahead of first year junior under 19 riders Brodie Catterick (27m 01s) and Peter Crampton (27m 03s). The handicap points went to McKenzie from Hutchison and Ben Verhoef.
The final massed start stage from Picton back to Blenheim saw Mckenzie with a lead on General classification of 46 seconds over his nearest rival Catterick. As well as the sharp climb out of Picton three sprint time bonuses along the way was to have an effect on the minor placings. After several changes in the front group and chasing groups, the riders finally settled after the last sprint at Tuamarina. With five riders left at the front a strong sprint home saw van Antwerpen take line honours over Catterick, Jamieson, McKenzie and  Ray Dunstan. The handicap was again taken by Hutchison from Verhoef and Marfell.
The overall classification went to McKenzie by 40 seconds over Catterick with Crampton hanging on to third place another 58 seconds back. The final handicap winner was Hutchison on 17pts from Verhoef (9pt) and Marfell (8pt).
The Redwood Fisheries 2 stage junior under 17 grade event was won by Will Hart.
Open grade- Whatamango 3 stage event, Stage One 27km massed start, C Taylor 39m 31s 1, G van Antwerpen s.t. 2, A Jamieson and J McKenzie s.t. 3 equal, L Griggs s.t. 5, B Catterick s.t. 6, R Dunstan s.t. 7, M Murphy s.t. 8, P Crampton s.t 9, C Anderson 39m 33s 10. Sealed handicap, D Hutchison 6pt, W Hall 5pt, F Marfell 4pt, D Church 3pt, G Painter 2pt. Stage Two 10km hill time trial, J McKenzie 26m 15s 1, B Catterick 27m 01s 2, P Crampton 27m 03s 3, A Jamieson 28m 35s 4, C Anderson 28m 50s 5, R Dunstan 29m 06s 6, L Griggs 29m 17s 7, G van Antwerpen 29m 34s 8, J Kidd 30m 22s 9, G Bateman 30m 37s 10. Sealed handicap, J McKenzie 6pt, D Hutchison 5pt, B Verhoef 4pt, P Crampton 3pt, M Murphy 2pt. Stage Three 27km massed start, G van Antwerpen 41m 20s 1, B Catterick s.t. 2, A Jamieson s.t. 3, J McKenzie s.t. 4, R Dunstan s.t. 5, P Crampton 42m 04s 6, B Verhoef 42m 07s 7, C Anderson s.t. 8, D Hutchison 43m 22s 9, F Marfell s.t. 10. Time bonus sprints, Sprint One, R Dunstan 8 sec, A Jamieson 6 sec, J McKenzie 4 sec, B Catterick 2 sec. Sprint Two, R Dunstan 8 sec, A Jamieson 6 sec, B Catterick 4 sec, G van Antwerpen 2 sec. Sprint Three, G van Antwerpen 8 sec, B Catterick 6 sec, A Jamieson 4 sec, J McKenzie 2 sec. Sealed handicap, D Hutchison 6pt, C Anderson 5pt, F Marfell 4pt, G Bateman 3pt, A Milne 2pt. General Classification, J McKenzie 1hr 47m 00s 1, B Catterick at 40s 2, P Crampton at 1m 38s 3, A Jamieson at 2m 08s 4, R Dunstan at 2m 41s 5, G van Antwerpen at 3m 15s 6, C Anderson at 3m 30s 7, L Griggs at 6m 13s 8, G Bateman at 6m 44s 9, M Murphy at 7m 31s 10. Sealed handicap, D Hutchison 17pt 1, B Verhoef 9pt 2, F Marfell 8pt 3, J McKenzie 6pt 4, W Hall 5pt 5.