Tasman Centre Road & TT Champs Results

Cuddon Cycling Marlborough hosted the Tasman Centre Road Championships and Centre Time Trial Championships at Seddon and Renwick respectively over the weekend.
On Saturday the road championships were held over the hilly Seaview course at Seddon with the conditions testing the riders. The 80km (4 laps) Senior, Junior under 19 and Masters 35-39yrs combined event saw Thomas Ashby (Tasman Wheelers) ride clear of the front group on the second lap and increased his lead to take line honours and the Senior title by just under 4 minutes. The sprint for the minor placings went to Daniel Ellison (Tas.W), from Dean Fulton (Tas.W), Brodie Catterick (Cuddon) and Jeremy McKenzie (Cuddon). Ellison took the Junior under 19 title, Fulton the Masters 35-39yrs title, Catterick 2nd Junior under 19 and McKenzie 2nd Masters 35-39yrs. The 80km Masters 45-49yrs, 50-54yrs, and Womens combined event saw local Cuddon riders Gerard van Antwerpen and Tony Catterick ride away at the start. The pair rode strongly over the course with van Antwerpen taking the Masters 45-49yrs title and Catterick taking the 50-54yrs title. Karen Fulton (Tas.W) took third place and the Womens title just ahead of clubmate Nicole King. The 60km Masters 55-59yrs, 60-64yrs and 65-69yrs event was dominated by the Tasman Wheelers riders with Ritchie Howes taking the Masters 55-59yrs title from clubmate Andrew Scott, with Garry Overend a few seconds back for the 60-64yrs title. Karl van Hoppe (Tas.W) took the Masters 65-69yrs title. Local juniors Jess Barnes (Junior under 17 girls), Georgia Catterick (Junior under 15 girls) and Quinn Karwowski (Junior under 17 boys) also won their grades.
On Sunday morning the time trial championships were run on the Waihopai Valley Road over 15km and 25km for the various grades. Time trial specialist Overend (Masters 60-64yrs), who has won many National titles was the fastest over the 15km distance with a quick 21m 21s. Cuddon junior under 17 rider Callum Saunders (23m 05s) recorded the second fastest time. The fastest over 25km was Howes (Masters 55-59yrs) with 35m 52s from Josh Scott (Senior) 36m 06s.
Tasman Centre Road Championships, Seaview, Seddon- Senior 80km, T Ashley (TW) 2h 10m 11s 1, J Scott (C) 2h 21m 55s 2. Junior Under 19 80km, D Ellison (TW) 2h 14m 07s 1, B Catterick (C) s.t. 2, L Murdoch (TW) 2h 14m 14s 3. Masters 35-39yrs 80km, D Fulton (TW) 2h 14m 07s 1, J McKenzie (C) s.t. 2, A Jamieson (C) 2h 19m 24s 3. Masters 45-49yrs 80km, G van Antwerpen (C) 2h 17m 56s 1, R Taylor (TW) 2h 35m 10s 2. Masters 50-54yrs 80km, T Catterick (C) 2h 17m 58s 1, V Walker (TW) 2h 43m 02s 2, R Ellison (TW) 3h 05m 58s 3. Women 80km, K Fulton (TW) 2h 25m 48s 1, N King (TW) 2h 26m 37s 2, K Murdoch (TW) 2h 40m 59s 3. Masters 55-59yrs 60km, R Howes (TW) 1h 43m 43s 1, A Scott (TW) 1h 43m 44s 2, P King (TW) 1h 56m 42s 3. Masters 60-64yrs 60km, G Overend (TW) 1h 44m 07s 1, B Verhoef (C) 1hr 51m 53s 2, M Cameron 2h 05m 12s 3. Masters 65-69yrs 60km, K van Hoppe 2h 07m 40s. Junior Under 17 40km, Q Karwowski 1h 27m 38s 1. Junior Under 17 girls 15km, J Barnes 42m 28s 1. Junior Under 15 girls 15km, 42m 28s 1.
Tasman Centre Time Trial Championships, Waihopai Valley, Renwick- 15km, G Overend (TW,M60-69) 21m 21s, C Saunders (C, JU17) 23m 05s, K van Hoppe (TW, 65-69) 24m 50s, N Blakiston (C, JU17) 25m 01s, Q Karwowski (C, JU17) 26m 50s. 25km, R Howes (TW, M55-59) 35m 52s, J Scott (C, Sen) 36m 06s, D Ellison (TW, JU19) 37m 55s, L Griggs (C, Sen) 38m 00s, R Taylor (TW, M45-49) 38m 08s, G Henderson (C, M55-59) 40m 28s, L Landon-Lane (C, JU19) 42m 42s.