Medway 2 Stage To Van Antwerpen

Gerard van Antwerpen snatched victory by just 6 seconds in Cuddon Cycling Marlborough’s tough 2 stage event from Montana Winery to the Medway and return last Saturday afternoon.
The open grade first stage over 42km was a handicap event that took the riders over the Weld and Dashwood Pass and then the long grind up the Awatere Valley to finish on the steep Medway hill. Strong teamwork by the six 12 minute markers eventually saw three riders go clear on the Blairich hill. The trio hit the front of the field soon after and were never headed. Warren Hall took the uphill sprint for line honours by 3 seconds to Alan Milne with another 1 second back to Richard Hill. A close finish for fastest time saw Josh Scott victor over Van Antwerpen with Andrew Jamieson 5 seconds back.
The final stage was a 40km massed start back to Montana. After the ride down the Awatere Valley only 9 riders remained in the front group, but this was shortlived as the riders climbed into the hills. At the top of the Weld Pass Van Antwerpen, Scott and Jamieson were clear and increasing their lead. In the latter stages Van Antwerpen sprung away to take the stage by 6 seconds from Scott and Jamieson. The handicap section again went to Hall from Hill and Jamie Kidd.
The overall classification went to Van Antwerpen by 6 seconds to Scott with another 5 seconds back to Jamieson in third place. The overall handicap result went to Hall by 1m 05s to Hill and another 2m 12s back to Milne in third place.
The junior under 17 2 stage event was run from Dumgree Road to Medway and return. The stage one massed start over 22km saw Quinn Karwowski over the line first by 1 second over Callum Saunders with another 4 seconds back to Nick Blakiston in third place. The sealed handicap was taken by Karwowski over Blakiston and Saunders. The return stage again saw Karwowski wi over Saunders with Blakiston 1m 05s back in third place. The handicap also went to Karwowski from Saunders and Blakiston.
Open grade- Stage One, Montana-Medway 42km handicap, W Hall (off 12m) 1, A Milne (off 12m) 2, R Hill (off 12m) 3, J Kidd (off 8m) 4, F Marfell (off 12m) 5, L Landon-Lane (off 8m) 6, G Henderson (off 12m) 7, R Murphy (off 12m) 8, D Church (off 30m) 9, J Scott (off scr) 10. Fastest time, J Scott (scr) 68m 31s 1, G van Antwerpen (scr) s.t. 2, A Jamieson (scr) 68m 36s 3, J Kidd (8m) 73m 14s 4, L Landon-Lane (8m) 73m 22s 5. Stage Two, Medway-Montana 40km massed start, G van Antwerpen 66m 28s 1, J Scott 66m 34s 2, A Jamieson s.t. 3, J Kidd 68m 07s 4, W Hall 69m 09s 5, R Hill 69m 10s 6, T Neal 71m 02s 7, F Marfell 72m 23s 8, A Milne s.t. 9, L Landon-Lane 81m 12s 10. Handicap, W Hall (6m) 63m 09s 1, R Hill (5m) 64m 10s 2, J Kidd (2m) 66m 07s 3, F Marfell (6m) 66m 23s 4, A Milne (6m) s.t. 5. Overall classification, G van Antwerpen 2hr 14m 59s 1, J Scott at 6s 2, A Jamieson at 11s 3, J Kidd at 6m 22s 4, W Hall at 9m 44s 5. Handicap, W Hall 2hr 36m 43s 1, R Hill at 1m 05s 2, A Milne at 3m 17s 3, J Kidd at 4m 38s 4, F Marfell at 4m 54s 5.
Junior under 17 grade- Stage One, Dumgree-Medway 22km massed start, Q Karwowski 42m 51s 1, C Saunders 42m 52s 2, N Blakiston 42m 56s 3. Sealed handicap, Q Karwowski (15s) 42m 36s 1, N Blakiston (10s) 42m 46s 2, C Saunders (scr) 42m 52s 3. Stage Two, Medway-Dumgree 20km massed start, Q Karwowski 39m 25s 1, C Saunders s.t. 2, N Blakiston 40m 30s 3. Sealed handicap, Q Karwowski (30s) 38m 55s 1, C Saunders (scr) 39m 25s 2, N Blakiston (30s) 40m 00s 3. Overall classification, Q Karwowski 82m 16s 1, C Saunders at 1s 2, N Blakiston at 1m 10s 3. Handicap, Q Karwowski 81m 31s 1, C Saunders at 46s 2, N Blakiston at 1m 15s 3.