Squire Cup To Tony Catterick and Third Consecutive Handicap Win To Warren Hall

Strong riding by Tony Catterick saw him take line honours and the Ray Squire Memorial Cup for fastest time in Cuddon Cycling Marlborough’s Troubador Trophy event at Rapaura on Saturday afternoon.
The open grade 66km massed start event was ridden in slightly damp conditions over 6 laps of the Hammerichs Road, Old Renwick Road, O’Dwyers Road, Rapaura Road circuit. The solid pace was set by the top riders right from the start with the front group numbering 10 after two laps. Several breakaway attempts were nullified over the next few laps until the final lap when Catterick rolled off the front with approximately 7km to go. A good solid ride saw Catterick take victory by 15 seconds over his nearest rival. Junior under 19 rider Brodie Catterick took a good second placing 4 seconds clear of Warren Hall, Mike Murphy and George Baxter. A particularly good ride to Hall who stayed with the front group to take his third consecutive handicap win and also retained the Troubador Trophy from last year. Richard Hill and Leatham Landon-Lane took second and third placings respectively on handicap.
The junior under 17 grade competed in a massed start event over 3 laps (33km) of the open course. Top riders Callum Saunders and Quinn Karwowski established themselves at the front of the race and were never headed. A close sprint finish saw Saunders take line honours over Karwowski for fastest time. Nick Blakiston came in 2 minutes later to take third place just ahead of Max Bicknell. The sealed handicap for the Troubador Trophy went to Saunders from Karwowski and Bicknell.
Open grade- Ray Squire Memorial Cup/Troubador Trophy 66km massed start, T Catterick 1hr 42m 43s 1, B Catterick 1hr 42m 58s 2, W Hall 1hr 43m 02s 3, M Murphy s.t. 4, G Baxter s.t. 5, M Grammer s.t. 6, P Crampton s.t. 7, R Hill s.t. 8, L Landon-Lane 1hr 43m 05s 9, L Griggs s.t. 10. Sealed handicap, W Hall (7m) 1hr 36m 02s 1, R Hill (7m) s.t. 2, L Landon-Lane (5m) 1hr 38m 05s 3, M Murphy (3m) 1hr 40m 02s 4, P Crampton (2m) 1hr 41m 02s 5, L Griggs (2m) 1hr 41m 05s 6, T Catterick (scr) 1hr 42m 43s 7, B Catterick (scr) 1hr 42m 58s 8, G Baxter (scr) 1hr 43m 02s 9, M Grammer (scr) s.t. 10.
Junior under 17 grade- Troubador Trophy 33km massed start, C Saunders 55m 07s 1, Q Karwowski 55m 08s 2, N Blakiston 57m 13s 3, M Bicknell 57m 20s 4, G Catterick 65m 12s 5. Sealed handicap, C Saunders (scr) 55m 07s 1, Q Karwowski (scr) 55m 08s 2, M Bicknell (2m) 55m 20s 3, N Blakiston (30s) 56m 43s 4, G Catterick (6m) 59m 12s 5.