Landon-Lane Takes Line Honours In Vincent Shield

Junior under 19 rider Leatham Landon-Lane sprinted to victory for the Vincent Shield in Cuddon Cycling Marlborough’s opening of the winter season at Renwick on Saturday afternoon.

The open grade 32km group handicap event drew a good field of 32 riders who raced four times over the Conders Bend, Bedford Road, SH63, Anglesea Street, Boyce Street, SH6 circuit. The racing was fast and furious with 6 riders from the 14 strong 5 minute group breaking clear in the first lap in search of victory. These riders hit the front halfway through the third lap but 5 riders from the 3m 30s group, Mike Murphy, Marty Bruce, Glen Herkt, Craig Murphy and Landon-Lane were quickly closing in. At this stage the 8 scratch riders were not making alot of ground on these two groups. With the tempo up in the final lap the 5 minute frontrunners Larry Kendall, Rhonda Murphy, Graham Henderson, Frank Marfell, Warren Hall and Richard Hill were dragged in by the chasers only 2 kilometres from home. A long sprint developed with Landon-Lane taking a clear victory over Kendall, Hall, Herkt and Henderson. Scratch were 2m 14s back with Antony Clark taking the sprint for fastest time over Josh Scott, Craig Anderson and Paul Newman.

The junior under 17 grade raced twice over the circuit (16km) for the Opening Day Cup. Max Bicknell (off 5m) rode a great solo effort to take line honours 1m 31s ahead of Will Hart (off 1m) with co-marker Nick Blakiston another 30 seconds back in third place. Hart also took time honours from Blakiston and Scratch marker Quinn Karwowski.

Results: Open grade- Vincent Shield, 32km handicap, L Landon-Lane (off 3m 30s) 1, L Kendall (off 5m) 2, W Hall (off 5m) 3, G Herkt (off 3m 30s) 4, G Henderson (off 5m) 5, R Hill (off 5m) 6, R Murphy (off 5m) 7, F Marfell (off 5m) 8, M Bruce (off 3m 30s) 9, C Murphy (off 3m 30s) 10. Fastest time, A Clark (off scr) 48m 44s 1, J Scott (off scr) s.t. 2, C Anderson (off scr) s.t 3, P Newman (off scr) s.t. 4, A Morgan (off scr) 49m 00s 5.

Junior under 17 grade- Opening Day Cup, 16km handicap, M Bicknall (off 5m) 1, W Hart (off 1m) 2, N Blakiston (off 1m) 3. Fastest time, W Hart (1m) 26m 36s 1, N Blakiston (1m) 27m 01s 2, Q Karwowski (scr) 27m 45s 3.