Dunstan Dominates TT

Masters rider Ray Dunstan stuck to his task to take victory in Cuddon Cycling Marlborough’s Vincent Cup time trial event on the Waihopai Road on Saturday afternoon.
The 40km event drew a good field on the course from Grove Mill Winery to just beyond Craiglochart and return. An extremely tough head wind on the outer journey ruined the chance on any fast times. At the turn there was a good battle for time honours with Dunstan (35m 45s) only being 21 seconds up on Josh Scott (36m 06s). The riders flew home down the Waihopai Road until just past the Spy Base when windshifts gave them another headwind for the last 6km. Dunstan maintained good pace to be the only rider to go under the hour in recording 59m 46s. Scott (60m 12s) had a good ride to only lose another 6 seconds on the homeward leg, for second place with Gerard van Antwerpen (65m 28s) taking third. With the rest of the field shattered the top riders also took the handicap honours with Scott taking the Verhey Cup from Dunstan and van AntwerpenThe junior under 17 grade had a 16km time trial to the Spy Base and return with Quinn Karwowski (29m 06s) getting into the mode to beat Nick Blakiston (31m 02s) and Will Hart (33m 03s). The seale handicap placings were the same result. An open 16km time trial saw newcomer Andrew Jeffries (33m 42s) record fastest time over Antony Jeffries (35m 07s) and Stuart Curnow (35m 38s).
Open grade- Vincent Cup/Verhey Cup 40km time trial, R Dunstan 59m 46s 1, J Scott 60m 12s 2, van Antwerpen 65m 28s 3, L Griggs 67m 37s 4, R Lock 68m 53s 5, B Ackroyd 70m 50s 6, T Neal 71m 36s 7, C Murphy 71m 49s 8, M Murphy 73m 08s 9, C Anderson 74m 05s 10. Sealed handicap, J Scott (2m) 58m 12s 1, R Dunstan (scr) 59m 46s 2, G van Antwerpen (5m 30s) 59m 58s 3,  Griggs (7m) 60m 37s 4, R Lock (7m 30s) 61m 23s 5, M Murphy (11m 30s) 61m 38s 6, C Murphy (10m 61m 49s 7, T Neal (8m 30s) 63m 06s 8, G Henderson (13m) 63m 16s 9, D Church (24m) 63m 23s 10.
Junior under 17 grade- 16km time trial, Q Karwowski 29m 06s 1, N Blakiston 31m 02s 2, W Hart 33m 03s 3. Sealed handicap, Q Karwowski (2m) 27m 06s 1, N Blakiston (1m 30s) 29m 32s 2, W Hart (1m) 32m 03s 3.
Open 16km time trial, Andrew Jeffries 33m 42s 1, Antony Jeffries 35m 07s 2, S Curnow 35m 38s 3.