Saunders Takes Overall JU17 Victory In School Tour

Marlborough Boys’ College cyclist Callum Saunders produced an unprecedented effort at the Cuddon two-day schools tour of Marlborough which finished yesterday, claiming all three jerseys and overall victory in the hotly-contested under-17 boys’ division.

Racing in a classy under-17 field, including several national junior representatives, Saunders beat all his major rivals to collect the tour leader, sprint ace and king of the mountains jerseys in the eighth edition of the annual tour.

It is a significant achievement for the talented young rider, and while it was an outstanding individual effort, he received superb support from MBC team-mates Will Hart, Nick Blakiston, Quinn Karwowski and Max Bicknell on his way to victory.

Several other Marlborough riders also performed well in the event. Under-20 boys riders Peter Crampton and Letham Landon-Lane picked up seven top-10 placings between them, Crampton finishing second in the king of the mountains standings.

His best result came in the road race, where he bagged third, while Landon-Lane was fifth in the hill climb.

Marlborough Girls’ College’s Jess Barnes rode consistently in the four under-20 girls’ events, finishing in the top-10 in each event, including thirds in the hill climb and time trial.

In the under-15 girls’ division, MGC rider Georgia Catterick was also consistently in the top 10, claiming third in the hill climb.

Year seven and eight riders also competed over the weekend, emerging Bohally Intermediate talent Jacob Anderson the best performing Marlburian, finishing second in the sprint ace and king of the mountains standings.

Anderson was second in the road race and hill climb and third in the criterium.


Tour leader

Under 20: Boys, Olly Marshall 33, Luke McDermott 33, Sam Friend 29. Girls, Kayley Murdoch 38, Emily Wood 37, Ashleigh Day 28.

Under 17: Boys, Callum Saunders (Marl) 34, Grayson Napier 33, Luke Wieblitz 27. Girls, Alice Hay 35, Maxyna Cottam 31, Holly Edmonston 30.

Under 15: Boys, Lachlan McGregor 38, Max Jones 32, Josh Smith 25. Girls, Jessica Kikstra 30, Ione Johnson 26, Eden Ronald 24.

Year seven and eight: Boys, Joshua Carpenter 40, Fletcher Sharman 32, Ethan Batt 31. Girls, Lakein Cottam 36, Emma Smith 36, Michaela Kerr 36.

Sprint Ace

Under 20: Boys, Simon Acker 32, Mitchell Podmore 31, Olly Marshall 22. Girls, Kayley Murdoch 36, Emily Wood 21, Ashleigh Day 14.

Under 17: Boys, Callum Saunders (Marl) 31, Luke Wieblitz 25, Grayson Napier 16. Girls, Caitlin Holmes 27, Holly Edmonston 20, Alice Hay 15.

Under 15: Boys, Lachlan McGregor 15, Josh Smith 12, Max Jones 12. Girls, Eden Ronald 23, Ione Johnson 16, Olivia Podmore 15.

Year seven and eight: Boys, Joshua Carpenter 30, Jacob Anderson (Marl) 16, Fletcher Sharman 16. Girls, Michaela Kerr 32, Lakein Cottam 25, Emma Smith 22.

King of the Mountains

Under 20: Boys, Sam Friend 22, Peter Crampton (Marl) 13, Luke McDermott 13. Girls, Kayley Murdoch 22, Emily Wood 16, Ashleigh Day 12.

Under 17: Boys, Callum Saunders (Marl) 18, Cameron Ford 11, Grayson Napier 11. Girls, Alice Hay 15, Maxyna Cottam 14, Maggie Allan 12.

Under 15: Boys, Lachlan McGregor 14, Max Jones 12, Sam Willis 9. Girls, Jessica Kikstra 12, Ione Johnson 10, Phoebe McCaughan 9.

Year seven and eight: Boys, Joshua Carpenter 18, Jacob Anderson (Marl) 12, Ethan Batt 8. Girls, Emma Smith 15, Lakein Cottam 12, Michaela Kerr 11.