Dunstan Fights Back To Take Henderson Cup On New Course

A strong return leg put Ray Dunstan back into contention to take victory in Cuddon Cycling Marlborough’s Henderson Bros. Cups time trial event from Renwick on Saturday afternoon.
The open grade 50km event covered a new out and return course from the salmon farm on the Northbank Road. The riders encountered a tailwind on the outward leg of the rolling and windy course to just beyond Pine Valley. Josh Scott (33m 34s) held a 16 second advantage over favourite Dunstan (33m 50s) at the turn for home with only another 43 seconds back to Gerard van Antwerpen (34m 33s). Dunstan clawed his way back in the cool headwind return leg to record a good win, taking the cup by 18 seconds in 1hr 11m 50s. Scott (1hr 12m 08s) and Van Antwerpen (1hr 13m 21s) took the minor placings respectively. The sealed handicap was really close with the cup going to fourth fastest rider Martin Fletcher (1hr 18m 44s) who won by a mere 7 seconds over Van Antwerpen and just another 28 seconds to Denis Church.
The junior under 17 grade also competed on a new course over 16km for the Dooley Cup. Callum Saunders retained the cup with a nifty time of 24m 11s. Quinn Karwowski also recorded a good time of 24m 56s for second place with Nick Blakiston (26m 13s) in third place. Junior under 15 rider Georgia Catterick had an impressive ride of 27m 29s to easily win the sealed handicap. Saunders and Karwowski were second equal.
Open Grade- Henderson Bros. Time Trial Cups 50km, R Dunstan 71m 50s 1, J Scott 72m 08s 2, G van Antwerpen 73m 21s 3, M Fletcher 78m 44s 4, A Clark 80m 02s 5, L Landon-Lane 83m 23s 6, R Murphy 84m 29s 7, L Griggs 86m 11s 8, F Marfell 87m 40s 9, M Bruce 89m 26s 10. Sealed handicap, M Fletcher (11m 30s) 67m 14s 1, G van Antwerpen (6m) 67m 21s 2, D Church (30m) 67m 49s 3, A Clark (11m 30s) 68m 32s 4, R Murphy (15m) 69m 29s 5, F Marfell (18m) 69m 40s 6, L Landon-Lane (13m) 70m 23s 7, J Scott (1m) 71m 08s 8, R Dunstan (scr) 71m 50s 9, M Bruce (14m 30s) 74m 56s 10.
Junior Under 17 Grade- Dooley Cup Time Trial 16km, C Saunders 24m 11s 1, Q Karwowski 24m 56s 2, N Blakiston 26m 13s 3. Sealed handicap, G Catterick (5m 30s) 21m 49s 1, C Saunders (scr) and Q Karwowski (45s) 24m 11s 2 equal.