First Summernite TT Under Belt For Dunstan

Ray Dunstan kept up his impressive time trial record with another convincing win in Cuddon Cycling Marlborough’s summernite series, Cycle World Time Trial No1, at Fairhall last Wednesday evening.
The opening 16km event drew a small field of hardened riders in the cool and wet conditions on the out and return New Renwick Road course from Wither Hills Winery. With a dead road, but little wind, Dunstan sped over the course to record a good 20m 58s which was only 34 seconds outside his Masters 50-54yrs record. The consistent Gerard van Antwerpen (22m 31s) and Andrew Jamieson (23m 10s) took second and third places respectively. The sealed handicap was extremely close with Graham Henderson taking the win by 1 second from van Antwerpen and just another 6 seconds to the fastest Women, Rhonda Murphy.
Summernite Series, Cycle World Time Trial No1 16km, R Dunstan 20m 58s 1, G van Antwerpen 22m 31s 2, A Jamieson 23m 10s 3, M Fletcher 24m 58s 4, G Henderson 25m 30s 5, R Murphy 25m 37s 6, J J Payne 26m 31s 7, C Anderson 26m 32s 8, W Hart 26m 54s 9, B Ackroyd 28m 09s 10. Sealed handicap, G Henderson (5m) 20m 30s 1, G van Antwerpen (2m) 20m 31s 2, R Murphy (5m) 20m 37s 3, R Dunstan (scr) 20m 58s 4, J J Payne (5m30s) 21m 01s 5, A Jamieson (2m) 21m 10s 6, M Fletcher (3m) 21m 58s 7, C Anderson (4m30s) 22m 02s 8, W Hart (4m) 22m 54s 9, B Ackroyd (5m) 23m 09s 10.