Karwowski Flying

On Monday evening at Athletic Park the junior under 17 riders continued their domination of the early season. After Callum Saunders taking four wins last week, Quinn Karwowski repeated this effort winning the 500m handicap, 1000m scratch, Miss and Out, and 8000m scratch. His effort in the 500m handicap was particularly noteworthy with a scorching time of 35.67s from the scratch mark. Consistent rides came from Gerard van Antwerpen (2 seconds and 2 thirds), Glen Herkt (a second and a third), and Letham Landon-Lane (a second and a third).
Open grade- 500m handicap, Q Karwowski (scr) 1, G van Antwerpen (50m) 2, G Herkt (25m) 3, N Blakiston (25m) 4, W Hall (scr) 5, 35.67s. 1000m R/S, Q Karwowski 1, L Landon-Lane 2, G van Antwerpen 3, N Blakiston 4, G Henderson 5, 1m 16.30s. Miss and Out, Q Karwowski 1, G van Antwerpen 2, L Landon-Lane 3, N Blakiston 4, G Henderson 5. 8000m R/S, Q Karwowski 1, G Herkt 2, G van Antwerpen 3, L Landon-Lane 4, G Henderson 5, 11m 17.15s. Italian Pursuit, G van Antwerpen, G Herkt, N Blakiston, G Henderson, G Roberts, 2m 56.97s 1, Q Karwowski, L Landon-Lane, M Straker, H Murray, A Morgan, 3m 01.31s 2.