First Stage Event To Brodie Catterick

Junior under 19 rider Brodie Catterick was consistent to win Cuddon Cycling Marlborough’s Summernite Cycle World Stage Race No1 at Fairhall last Wednesday evening.
The riders encountered warm and wet conditions and competed in a 6km, 11km and 10km stage. Stage one followed a course from Wither Hills Winery to Paynters Road, Benmorven Road and finished up the Morven Lane climb. The whole field almost remained intact until the climb when Catterick took the win from Callum Saunders and Jeremy McKenzie. Stage two completed the Benmorven circuit, went into the Ridge Resort and then finished on the Fairbourne Drive climb. The stage was a win for junior under 17 rider Quinn Karwowski, over Saunders and Catterick. The final stage took the riders out to Godfreys Road before turning to finish back at Wither Hills Winery. With the field splitting at the turn, six riders were clear to contest the sprint home. Karwowski was again prominent to win from Gerard van Antwerpen and McKenzie.
The overall classification went to Catterick by 4 seconds to McKenzie and another 8 seconds to van Antwerpen. The sealed handicap was extremely close with only 4 second separating the first five riders. McKenzie (20s) won by 2 seconds to Graham Henderson (2m30s), another 1 second to Ray Dustan (30s), and another 1 second to Leatham Landon-Lane (1m) and Ben Verhoef (2m30s).
Summernite series- Cycle World Stage Race No1, Stage One, 6km, B Catterick 9m 33s 1, C Saunders s.t. 2, J McKenzie 9m 34s 3, R Dunstan 9m 39s 4, G van Antwerpen 9m 40s 5. Stage Two, 11km, Q Karwowski 15m 59s 1, C Saunders 16m 00s 2, B Catterick s.t. 3, J McKenzie 16m 03s 4, G van Antwerpen 16m 05s 5. Stage Three, 10km, Q Karwowski 13m 58s 1, G van Antwerpen s.t. 2, J McKenzie s.t. 3, R Dunstan s.t. 4, B Catterick s.t. 5. Overall classification, B Catterick 39m 31s 1, J McKenzie 39m 35s 2, G van Antwerpen 39m 43s 3, R Dunstan 39m 48s 4, Q Karwowski 40m 03s 5. Sealed handicap, J McKenzie (20s) 39m 15s 1, G Henderson (2m 30s) 39m 17s 2, R Dunstan (30s) 39m 18s 3, L Landon-Lane (1m) and B Verhoef (2m 30s) 39m 19s 4 equal.