Visiting Rider Wright Dominates

Visiting rider Hamish Wright of Tinwald certainly spiced things up with some good results at Cuddon Cycling Marlborough’s track meeting at Athletic Park last Monday evening.
Wright dominated the local field by winning his heat and the final of the 500m scratch event and then went on to win the ‘Miss and Out’ and was second in the 8000m event. Other winners on the night were Glen Herkt (800m handicap) and Quinn Karwowski (8000m scratch). Consistency came from Callum Saunders and Nick Blakiston who both had a second and a third placing.
Track 29.11.2011- 500m scratch, Heat 0ne, H Wright 1, C Saunders 2, G Herkt 3, 37.66s. Heat Two, Q Karwowski 1, L Landon-Lane 2, N blakiston 3, 41.38s. Final, H Wright 1, Q Karwowski 2, C Saunders 3, 40.15s. Plate Final, G van Antwerpen 1, D Vile 2, W Hart 3, 42.39s. 800m handicap, G Herkt (45m) 1, C Saunders (20m) 2, L Landon-Lane (70m) 3, 56.13s. Miss & Out, H Wright 1, N Blakiston 2, L Landon-Lane 3. 8000m R/S, Q Karwowski 1, H Wright 2, G van Antwerpen 3, 11m 10.86s.