Saunders & Blakistons Take Graded No4

Junior under 19 rider Callum Saunders sprinted to victory at Cuddon Cycling Marlborough’s Summernite Series, Cycle World Graded Race No4 on the Lower Wairau circuit last Wednesday evening.
The combined ‘A’ and ‘B’ grade 37km event was raced over five laps of the Dillons Point Road, Swamp Road, Rowberrys Road circuit. Several small attacks on the early laps were short lived. Saunders and Nick Blakiston broke on the fourth lap and were soon joined by Gerard van Antwerpen and Brent Ackroyd with the rest in hot pursuit. The four riders stayed clear with the ‘A’ grade result going to Saunders from van Antwerpen and Ackroyd, with Blakiston taking an easy ‘B’ grade win. the chasing group were 38 seconds back with Kevin Bishell (‘A’) winning the sprint from the ‘B’ grade minor placegetters Marty Bruce and Glen Herkt. The ‘C’ grade 30km event was won by Joe Blakiston over Denis Church.
Summernite Series- Cycle World Graded Race No 4 ‘A’ grade 37km, C Saunders 54m 39s 1, G van Antwerpen 54m 40s 2, B Ackroyd 54m 45s 3, K Bishell 55m 23s 4, A Clark 55m 25s 5. ‘B’ grade 37km, N Blakiston 54m 40s 1, M Bruce 55m 24s 2, G Herkt s.t. 3, G Henderson 55m 25s 4, T Neal 55m 27s 5, R Lock s.t. 6, M Fletcher s.t. 7, B Verhoef 55m 28s 8, J Kidd 55m 29s 9, M Murphy 55m 30s 10. ‘C’ grade 30km, J Blakiston 53m 48s 1, D Church 53m 52s 2.