Allen & Dunstan Have Close TT

Jason Allen returned home to the local roads to take victory in Cuddon Cycling Marlborough’s Summernite Series, Cycle World Time Trial No5 from Wither Hills Winery last Wednesday evening.
The windy conditions on the final 16km, out and return, New Renwick Road/Godfreys Road course saw most times slightly slower than usual. Allen was a good 20 seconds up on Ray Dunstan at the turn, but Dunstan had a strong ride in the head wind return leg for a close finish. Allen recorded 20m 30s for the win with the series winner Dunstan just 8 seconds in arrears. Junior under 19 rider Callum Saunders (22m 02s) was third, followed by Gerard van Antwerpen (22m 21s) and former Marlborough rider Brent Harris (22m 37s) from Cheviot.
The sealed handicap easily went to Ben Verhoef by 26sec to van Antwerpen, with Saunders another 6 sec back in third place.
The overall result for the series on fastest times went to Dunstan (50pt) from van Antwerpen (42pt) and Brent Ackroyd (27pt). The overall handicap result also went to Dunstan (34pt) from van Antwerpen (31pt) on count back to Ackroyd (31pt) and Martin Fletcher (31pt) respectively.
Summernite Series- Cycle World Time Trial No 5 15.2km, J Allen 20m 30s 1, R Dunstan 20m 38s 2, C Saunders 22m 02s 3, G van Antwerpen 22m 21s 4, B Harris 22m 37s 5, B Ackroyd 23m 04s 6, M Fletcher 23m 08s 7, B Verhoef 23m 20s 8, G Henderson 25m 02s 9, M Murphy 25m 05s 10. Sealed handicap, B Verhoef (3m 40s) 19m 40s 1, G van Antwerpen (2m 05s) 20m 16s 2, C Saunders (1m 40s) 20m 22s 3, B Ackroyd (2m 30s) 20m 34s 4, M Murphy (4m 30s) 20m 35s 5, M Seatter (5m 25s), M Fletcher (2m 30s) and R Dunstan (scr) 20m 38s 6 equal, G Henderson (4m 20s) 20m 42s 9, N Blakiston (4m 30s) 20m 58s 10.
Overall Series, Fastest Time, R Dunstan (50pt) 1, G van Antwerpen (42pt) 2, B Ackroyd (27pt) 3, M Fletcher (26pt) 4, P Crampton (23pt) 5, B Verhoef (18pt) 6, G Henderson (16pt) 7, R Murphy (11pt) 8, W Hart (6pt) 9. Handicap, R Dunstan (34pt) 1, G van Antwerpen (31pt) 2, B Ackroyd (31pt) 3, M Fletcher (31pt) 4, G Henderson (28pt) 5, B Verhoef (27pt) 6, R Murphy (22pt) 7, P Crampton (19pt) 8, W Hart (9pt) 9.