Catterick Conquers Whatamango

Junior under 19 rider Brodie Catterick outshone his rivals in a hill time trial to take overall victory in Cuddon Cycling Marlborough’s Whatamango Three Stage Trophies event last Saturday afternoon.
The open grade first 27km massed start stage of the event started outside the Blenheim Research Centre on State Highway One and followed a course through to Picton. The riders rode into a stiff headwind with the lead group splitting at Para with Catterick, Gerard van Antwerpen and Callum Saunders going clear. At the top of the Elevation climb Saunders went away and held on to finish 5 seconds clear of Catterick with van Antwerpen another 3 seconds back in third place. The sealed handicap was taken by van Antwerpen by 2 seconds to Saunders with Catterick another 5 seconds back in third.
The stage two 10km hill time trial started at Waikawa Bay and finished at the top of the grueling climb up the Whatamango hill. Catterick got into a good rhythm to record a good time of 25m 19s, to easily beat his nearest rival by 3m 50s. Saunders (29m 09s) was second with Jamie Kidd (29n 42s) in third place. Catterick also won the sealed handicap by 53 seconds to Kidd with another 27 seconds to Andrew Gifford in third place.
The final stage was a 27km massed start stage back to Blenheim. The climb on the Elevation out of Picton saw Catterick and Craig Anderson go clear to be caught by the chasing group at Koromiko. At Spring Creek Catterick and van Antwerpen made their winning break with van Antwerpen to strong in the final sprint to take the stage. Leatham Landon-Lane sprinted in the rest for third place. The sealed handicap Went to Landon-Lane by 1s to Anderson and another 15 seconds to van Antwerpen.
The overall classification went to Catterick (1hr 46m 05s) from Saunders (1hr 50m 36s) and van Antwerpen (1hr 51m 20s) third.
Whatamango 3 stage 64km- Stage One 27km, C Saunders 43m 11s 1, B Catterick 43m 16s 2, G van Antwerpen 43m 19s 3, L Landon-Lane 45m 34s 4, J Kidd s.t 5. Sealed handicap, G van Antwerpen 6pt 1, C Saunders 5pt 2, B Catterick 4pt 3, J Kidd 3pt 4, C Anderson 2pt 5. Stage Two 10km TT, B Catterick 25m 19s 1, C Saunders 29m 09s 2, J Kidd 29m 42m 3, G van Antwerpen 30m 31s 4, C Anderson 30m 43s 5. Sealed handicap, B Catterick 6pt 1, J Kidd 5pt 2, A Gifford 4pt 3, G van Antwerpen 3pt 4, C Saunders 2pt 5. Stage Three 27km, G van Antwerpen 37m 30s 1, B Catterick s.t. 2, L Landon-Lane 38m 14s 3, C Anderson 38m 15s 4, C Saunders 38m 16s 5. Sealed handicap, L Landon-Lane 6pt 1, C Anderson 5pt 2, G van Antwerpen 4pt 3, B Catterick 3pt 4, C Saunders 2pt 5.
Overall Classification: B Catterick 1hr 46m 05s 1, C Saunders 1hr 50m 36s 2, G van Antwerpen 1hr 51m 20s 3, C Anderson 1hr 54m 59s 4, L Landon-Lane 1hr 55m 53s 5. Overall handicap, G van Antwerpen 13pt 1, B Catterick 13pt 2, C Saunders 9pt 3, C Anderson 8pt 4, J Kidd 8pt 5.