Van Antwerpen Clear Winner

Gerard van Antwerpen was in top form to convincingly win Cuddon Cycling Marlborough’s Medway two stage event from Riverlands on Saturday afternoon.
The opening 42km handicap stage covered a course over the Weld Pass and Dashwood Pass and then up the Awatere Road to finish on the Medway hill. The 10 minute group made good progress over the hills with Craig Murphy and Rene de Ruiter going clear with approximately 10km to go. Murphy took line honours over de Ruiter on the sharp climb to the finish. Just over 2 minutes later lone scratchman van Antwerpen took a good third place after riding through the rest of the field. Van Antwerpen recorded the fastest time over Quinn Karwowski (off 1m) and Mike Murphy (off 1m).
The final massed start 40km stage back to Riverlands saw van Antwerpen and Mike Murphy go clear on the first climb approximately 7km from the start. Increasing their lead van Antwerpen made his winning break on the Weld Pass for a clear win over Murphy by 1m 01s. Martin Fletcher headed in a group of six riders another 1m 40s back to claim third place. The sealed handicap was won by visiting Christchurch rider Martin Langridge (6m) over Mike Murphy (2m) and Ben Verhoef (3m 30s).
The overall classification winner was van Antwerpen (2hr 15m 24s) from Murphy (at 3m 43s) and Fletcher (at 6m 04s). The overall handicap victor was Langridge on 6pts from Craig Murphy 6pt and Mike Murphy 5pt.
Medway 2 Stage- Stage One 42km, C Murphy (off 10m) 1, R de Ruiter (off 10m) 2, G van Antwerpen (off scr) 3, Q Karwowski (off 1m) 4, M Fletcher (off 3m) 5, C Anderson (off 3m) 6, G Ludemann (off 7m) 7, D Craig (off 3m) 8, G Henderson (off 10m) 9, M Murphy (off 1m) 10. Fastest time, G van Antwerpen (off scr) 1hr 10m 44s 1, Q Karwowski (off 1m) 1hr 12m 03s 2, M Murphy (off 1m) 1hr 13m 26s, M Fletcher (off 3m) 1hr 14m 08s 4, C Anderson (off 3m) s.t. 5.
Stage Two 40km, G van Antwerpen 1hr 04m 40s 1, M Murphy 1hr 05m 41s 2, M Fletcher 1hr 07m 20s 3, B Verhoef s.t. 4, C Anderson s.t. 5, G Ludemann s.t 6, C Ireland s.t. 7, M Power s.t. 8, C Murphy 1hr 08m 45s 9, M Langridge 1hr 09m 12s 10. Handicap, M Langridge (6m) 1hr 03m 12s 1, M Murphy (2m) 1hr 03m 21s 2, B Verhoef 1hr 03m 50s 3, C Ireland s.t. 4, M Power s.t. 5.
General Classification, G van Antwerpen 2hr 15m 24s 1, M Murphy 2hr19m 07s 2, M Fletcher 2hr 21m 28s 3, C Anderson s.t. 4, G Ludemann s.t. 5. Handicap, M Langridge 6pt 1, C Murphy 6pt 2, M Murphy 5pt 3, G van Antwerpen 5pt 4, R de Ruiter 5pt 5.