Karwowski and Caughey Take Wins

Top junior under 17 rider Quinn Karwowski produced a strong sprint finish to head off his older rivals in Cuddon Cycling Marlborough’s open grade event at Renwick last Saturday afternoon.
The open grade 40km handicap event covered a rolling course from the Grove Mill Winery to just above Craiglochart and return. On the tailwind outward journey it was evident that the 8 strong 4 minute break group were going to rival the scratch group for time, being only 35 seconds down at the turn. This group hit the front of the field with 5km to go with 11 riders lining up for the final sprint to the line. Karwowski produced the goods to hold off a fast finishing Glen Herkt, Nick Blakiston, Mike Murphy and Graham Henderson. The scratch riders lost a few seconds on the return journey but still took time by 29 seconds with Callum Saunders winning over Gerard van Antwerpen and Jeremy McKenzie.
The junior under 17 grade of new riders lined up for a 16km handicap event to the Spy Base and return. Break riders Callum Caughey and Christopher Grammer (off 1min) hit the front of the field just after the turn for home. The ride of the day belonged to scratch marker Thomas Westend who chased hard to catch the pair a few kiometres from home. Caughey produced a strong finish to take the handicap win from Westend who took second place and fastest time honours. Grammer was 26 seconds back to take a good third place. Another 46s back was Dagmar van Antwerpen (off 3m) who was fastest girl, with Niels van Antwerpen (off 5m), Sam Spencer (off 5m), Shaun Woods (off 5m) and Belle Saunders (off 3m) next respectively.
Open grade- 40km handicap, Q Karwowski (off 4m) 1, G Herkt (off 4m) 2, N Blakiston (off 4m) 3, M Murphy (off 4m) 4, G Henderson (off 12m) 5, M McManaway (off 16m) 6, C Anderson (off 4m) 7, A Gifford (off 4m) 8, D Craighead (off 16m) 9, L Landon-Lane (off 4m) 10. Fastest time, C Saunders (scr) 59m 56s 1, G van Antwerpen (scr) s.t. 2, J McKenzie (scr) s.t. 3, Q Karwowski (4m) 60m 25s 4, G Herkt (4m) s.t. 5.
Junior Under 17 grade- 16km handicap, C Caughey (off 1m) 1, T Westend (off scr) 2, C Grammer (off 1m) 3, D van Antwerpen (off 3m) 4, N van Antwerpen (off 5m) 5. Fastest time, T Westend (scr) 30m 14s 1, C Caughey (1m) 31m 14s 2, C Grammer (1m) 31m 40s 3.