Van Antwerpen Takes Sprint

Niels van Antwerpen sprinted in his co-markers to take line honours in Cuddon Cycling Marlborough’s junior under 17 road race last Saturday afternoon.
The 16km junior under 17 handicap event covered a rolling out and return course on the Taylor Pass Road. On the outward journey the scratchmarkers Thomas Westend and Christopher Grammer had gained exactly half their handicap on the middle and front groups. The return trip saw the 6m 30s front markers Sam Spencer, Shaun Woods and van Antwerpen work well together to keep the rest of the field at bay. Even with Woods and Spencergoing clear at different stages, it was van Antwerpen’s consistency that saw him take the sprint finish from Spencer and Woods respectively. Just over 1 minute back the rest of the field sprinted in together headed by Westend over Dagmar van Antwerpen (off 4m 30s) and Grammer.
Meanwhile, tomorrow afternoons 19km handicap event will start and finish at Wither Hills Winery taking in 2 laps of the Benmorven circuit. Westend will be rejoined on scratch by Callum Caughey with their main opposition for time honours coming from break riders Grammer, Ethan Brydon and Louis Smith.
Junior under 17 grade- 16km handicap, N van Antwerpen (off 6m 30s) 1, Sam Spencer (off 6m 30s) 2, S Woods (off 6m 30s) 3, T Westend (off scr) 4, D van Antwerpen (off 4m 30s) 5, C Grammer (off scr) 6, A Horton (off 3m) 7, J Ritchie (off 3m) 8. Fastest time, T Westend (scr) 30m 34s 1, C Grammer (scr) s.t. 2, A Horton (3m) 33m 34s 3, J Ritchie (3m) s.t. 4, D van Antwerpen (4m 30s) 35m 04s 5.