Grammer & Van Antwerpen Take Honours In 3 Stage

Christopher Grammer’s time trialling gave him the win in Cuddon Cycling Marlborough’s junior under 17 grade 3 stage event last Saturday afternoon at Fairhall.
The first 8km handicap stage was from Wither Hills Winery, around the Benmorven circuit to finish at the Ridge Resort Road. Break markers Ethan Brydon and Jack Ritchie (off 40s) had a great ride after riding away from their co-markers early on. The pair went right through the field with Brydon taking the sprint from Ritchie and also taking fastest time by 2 seconds from the scratch pair of Callum Caughey and Grammer. A good third place went to Dagmar van Antwerpen (off 2m) who finished just behind the lead pair.
Stage two was a short 4km time trial from the Ridge to Godfreys Road. Grammer carried on his time trialling success from two weeks ago by finishing 10 seconds up on his nearest rival Caughey with another 5 seconds back to Brydon. The sealed handicap also went to Grammer (off 15s) by 5 seconds to Caughey (off 20s) and Brydon (off 25s).
The final 6km massed start stage back to Wither Hills Winery saw 6 riders go clear with Caughey winning the final sprint for line honours ahead of Ritchie and Van Antwerpen. The sealed handicap win went to Van Antwerpen (off 1m) by 3 seconds to Bryce Blackmore (off 2m) with another 37 seconds to Ritchie (off 20s) in third.
The overall classification saw Grammer take victory by 10 seconds to Caughey with another 17 seconds to Ritchie. The overall handicap was close with van Antwerpen (13pt) in first place from Brydon (12pt) and Ritchie (11pt) in third.
Junior under 17 grade- Three stage event. Stage One 8km handicap, E Brydon (off 40s) 1, J Ritchie (off 40s) 2, D van Antwerpen (off 2m) 3, C Caughey (off scr) 4, C Grammer (off scr) 5. Fastest time, E Brydon (40s) 17m 34s 1, J Ritchie (40s) 17m 36s 2, C Caughey (scr) 17m 38s 3, C Grammer (scr) s.t. 4, L Smith (40s) and D van Antwerpen (2m) 19m 06s 5 equal. Stage Two 4km time trial, C Grammer 6m 40s 1, C Caughey 6m 50s 2, E Brydon 6m 55s 3, J Ritchie 7m 09s 4, D van Antwerpen 7m 45s 5. Sealed handicap, C Grammer (15s) 6m 25s 1, C Caughey (20s) and E Brydon (25s) 6m 30s 2 equal, D van Antwerpen (1m 10s) 6m 35s 4, J Ritchie (25s) 6m 44s 5. Stage Three 6km massed start, C Caughey 10m 23s 1, J Ritchie s.t 2, D van Antwerpen s.t. 3, C Grammer s.t. 4, E Brydon 10m 43s 5. Sealed handicap, D van Antwerpen (1m) 9m 23s 1, B Blackmore (2m) 9m 26s 2, J Ritchie (20s) 10m 03s 3, C Grammer (20s) s.t. 4, C Caughey (10s) 10m 13s 5.
Overall classification- Fastest time, C Grammer 34m 41s 1, C Caughey at 10s 2, J Ritchie at 27s 3, E Brydon at 31s 4, D van Antwerpen at 2m 33s 5. Sealed handicap, D van Antwerpen 13pt 1, E Brydon 12pt 2, J Ritchie 11pt 3, C Grammer 11pt 4, C Caughey 10pt 5.