Crampton Dominates Vincent Time Trial

Junior under 19 rider Peter Crampton took an unchallenged victory in Cuddon Cycling Marlborough’s Vincent Cup time trial event at Renwick on Saturday afternoon.
The open grade 40km event started and finished at the Grove Mill winery on the Waihopai Road covering a course to just beyond Craiglochart and return. On the outward journey Crampton was the quickest to the turn in 29m 45s with his main rivals Brodie Catterick (30m 33s) and Jeremy McKenzie (30m 38s). The return journey was no different with Crampton (57m 43s) winning by a good margin over Catterick (58m 45s) and McKenzie (59m 36s). The sealed handicap for the Verhey Cup was a battle amongst the new riders with Mel Jones taking a well deserved win by 58 seconds from Chris Brydon with Kat Bamfield another 1m 50s back in third place.
The junior under 17 grade competed in a 16km time trial to the Spy Base and return. Top seed Georgia Catterick rode the fastest time of the day at 27m 22s. The minor placegetters were Thomas Westend (28m 55s) and Christopher Grammer (30m 00s). A sealed handicap on the event saw the normal front handicappers take charge with Belle Saunders taking an easy win by 1m 37s to James Greer with another 1m 03s back to Niels van Antwerpen in third place.
Open Grade- Vincent Cup/Verhey Cup 40km time trial, P Crampton 57m 43s 1, B Catterick 58m 45s 2, J McKenzie 59m 36s 3, G van Antwerpen 61m 24s 4, C Murphy 66m 36s 5, R Murphy 69m 02s 6, D McKenzie 69m 15s 7, C Anderson 71m 09s 8, J Blackmore 72m 45s 9, M Manaway 73m 36s 10. Sealed handicap, M Jones (25m) 53m 44s 1, C Brydon (30m) 54m 42s 2, K Bamfield (18m) 56m 22s 3, C Murphy (10m) 56m 36s 4, J Blackmore (16m) 56m 45s 5, S Smith (20m) and D McKenzie (12m) 57m 15s 6 equal, D Craighead (18m) 57m 33s 8, P Crampton (scr) 57m 43s 9, S van der Poel (25m) 57m 45s 10.
Junior Under 17 Grade- 16km time trial, G Catterick 27m 22s 1, T Westend 28m 55s 2, C Grammer 30m 00s 3, L Smith 32m 29s 4, H Trollope 32m 30s 5. Sealed handicap, B Saunders (15m) 20m 38s 1, J Greer (15m) 22m 15s 2, N van Antwerpen (11m) 23m 18s 3, T Westend (5m) 23m 55s 4, C Grammer (5m 30s) 24m 30s 5.