Straker,Saunders, Saunders & Grammer Take Spoils

A long powerful sprint by Matt Straker saw him take victory in Cuddon Cycling Marlborough’s Van Antwerpen Trophies event at Lower Wairau on Saturday afternoon.
The open grade 42km handicap event had a slight change of course due to flooding in the area. The large field covered six laps of the Swamp Road, Dillons Point Road, Rowberrys Road circuit. Good conditions saw the mid-field handicap markers keep intact, with the scratch markers and break group only gaining about half their handicap during the event. During lap five the 6 minute markers caught the 10 minute group and together they forged their way to the front of the field on the last lap. Nineteen riders lined up for the final sprint with Straker (off 6min) to strong to hold off Mike McManaway (off 10min), Rhonda Murphy (off 10min), Michelle Catterick (off 6min) and Ben Verhoef (off 6min) respectively. The fastest time trophy was taken by junior under 19 rider Callum Saunders from Gerard van Antwerpen and George Baxter respectively.
The junior under 17 grade competed over 3 laps of the course (21km) for the Amtman Trophy and the Sincock Trophy. A good ride by the 12 minute front markers saw Belle Saunders excel to take the Amtman Trophy by 7 seconds to Sam Spencer with 2 minutes back to scratchman Chris Grammer who took third place. Grammer had outsprinted co-marker Thomas Westend to take the Sincock Trophy.
Open grade- Van Antwerpen Trophies 42km handicap, M Straker (off 6m) 1, M McManaway (off 10m) 2, R Murphy (off 10m) 3, M Catterick (off 6m) 4, B Verhoef (off 6m) 5, G Henderson (off 10m) 6, M Bruce (off 6m) 7, J Blakiston (off 15m) 8, G Catterick (off 10m) 9, D Craighead (off 15m) 10. Fastest time, C Saunders (scr) 1hr 02m 02s 1, G van Antwerpen (scr) 1hr 02m 05s 2, G Baxter (scr) 1hr 02m 06s 3, T Catterick (scr) 1hr 02m 07s 4, J McKenzie (scr) 1hr 02m 09s 5. Womens fastest time, M Catterick (6m) 1hr 04m 38s 1, R Murphy (10m) 1hr 08m 38s 2, G Catterick (10m) 1hr 08m 39s 3.
Junior under 17 grade-Amtman Trophy/Sincock Trophy 21km handicap, B Saunders (off 12m) 1, S Spencer (off 12m) 2, C Grammer (off scr) 3, T Westend (off scr) 4, D van Anwerpen (off 5m) 5, J Greer (off 12m) 6, J Westend (off 12m) 7, B Blackmore (off 7m) 8, S Woods (off 7m) 9, N van Antwerpen (off 7m) 10. Fastest time, C Grammer (scr) 37m 47s 1, T Westend (scr) 37m 50s 2, D van Antwerpen (5m) 43m 20s 3.