Okaramio Hotel Challenge Trophy to Nicholson

A strong ride by Dave Nicholson saw him take victory in Cuddon Cycling Marlborough’s Okaramio Hotel Challenge Trophy event last Saturday afternoon.
The open grade 50km handicap event covered a rolling course from Okaramio to Linkwater and return taking in the climbs over the Mahakipawa hill. On the outward journey the handicap groups closed up ready for a quick ride home from Havelock. Front markers Christine Dew and Nicholson (off 22min) kept to their task to keep clear of the chasers. Nicholson rode clear in the latter stages to take line honours by 57 seconds to Dew. Todd Neal (off 8m) led the charge in 28 seconds later to take third place just ahead of Rene de Ruiter (off 14m), Mike Murphy (off 8m), Graham Henderson (off 14m) and Andrew Gifford (off 8m) respectively. Gerard van Antwerpen repeated his fastest time effort heading off co-markers Tony Catterick and Andrew Jamieson in the sprint to the line.
The junior under 17 grade competed in a 24km massed start event on the Taylor Pass Road. The twice out and return course saw the field break up fairly quickly with Thomas Westend and Dylan Vile going clear on the Taylor Dam hill. The main chasers at this stage were Ethan Brydon, Christopher Grammer and Jack Ritchie. Westend rode clear on the final lap for an impressive win, one minute clear of Vile. Brydon took third place just 18sec clear of Grammer with Ritchie another minute backin 5th place. The sealed handicap was also won by Westend with his younger brother Joseph Westend in second place and Vile third.
Open grade- Okaramio Hotel Challenge Trophy, 50km handicap, D Nicholson (off 22m) 1, C Dew (off 22m) 2, T Neal (off 8min) 3, R de Ruiter (off 14m) 4, M Murphy (off 8m) 5, G Henderson (off 14m) 6,
A Gifford (off 8m) 7, D Craighead (off 18m) 8, K Bishell (off 5m) 9, G van Antwerpen (off Scr) 10. Fastest time, G van Antwerpen (scr) 1hr 15m 34s 1, T Catterick (scr) 1hr 15m 36s 2, A Jamieson (scr) 1hr 15m 38s.
Junior under 17 grade- 24km massed start/sealed handicap, T Westend 39m 57s 1, D Vile 41m 04s 2, E Brydon 44m 30s 3, C Grammer 44m 48s 4, J Ritchie 45m 40s 5. Sealed handicap, T Westend (scr) 41m 04s 1, J Westend (11m 30s) 40m 40s 2, D Vile (scr) 41m 04s 3, C Grammer (2m) 42m 48s 4, C Guillemot (12m) 43m 00s 5.