Brodie Catterick Takes First Graded Win

A strong ride and good finish saw Brodie Catterick take ‘A’ grade line honours in Cuddon Cycling Marlborough’s ‘Summernite series’ Cycle World Graded Race No1 at Fairhall last Wednesday evening.
Good numbers saw four grades compete on the Benmorven circuit finishing with the Ridge Resort climb. The ‘A’ grade event over 38km saw only three riders together to contest the final climb with Catterick taking a convincing win over his Father Tony Catterick and Gerard van Antwerpen respectively. A large field in the ‘B’ grade 29km event saw seven riders go clear in the final stages with Junior under 17 rider Ethan Batt taking taking victory from Marty Bruce and another junior under 17 rider Dylan Vile. The ‘C’ grade 29km event saw a nice even pace throughout with young Christopher Grammer going clear at the finish from Lance Spencer and Kat Bamfield respectively. The ‘D’ grade 20km event saw the small field split up with Shaun Woods winning from Robin Mortimer with Connor Guillemot a couple of minutes back in third place.
Cycle World Graded Race No1- ‘A’ grade 38km, B Catterick 60m 53s 1, T Catterick 60m 57s 2, G van Antwerpen 61m 08s 3, N Blakiston 4. ‘B’ grade 29km, E Batt 49m 08s 1, M Bruce s.t. 2, D Vile s.t. 3, P Halligan 49m 19s 4, D Grono 49m 20s 5. ‘C’ grade 29km, C Grammer 57m 23s 1, L Spencer 57m 25s 2, K Bamfield 57m 29s 3, F Marfell 57m 33s 4, Z Mortimer 57m 36s 5. ‘D’grade 20km, S Woods 47m 25s 1, R Mortimer 47m 27s 2, C Guillemot 49m 24s 3, L Kerrigan 49m 55s 4, S Spencer 51m 23s 5.