Youngsters Dominant In Stage Race

The young riders dominated Cuddon Cycling Marlborough’s Summernite Series, Cycle World Stage Race No1 at Fairhall last Wednesday evening. The first 6km stage from Wither Hills Winery around the Benmorven circuit to
finish up Morven Lane was all go on the final climb. Junior under 19 rider
Callum Saunders took line honours from junior under 17 riders Quinn
Karwowski and Ethan Batt, with Nick Batt and Glen Herkt fourth and fifth
respectively. Stage two covered an 11km course around Benmorven with a climb at the Ridge Resort and then a finishing climb up Fairbourne Drive. Similiar results to the first stage saw the pressure go on in the hills with Saunders just winning from Karwowski and Nick Batt, with Ethan Batt and Herkt a few seconds back. The final stage of 10km carried on out to Godfreys Road and the returned to the Wither Hills Winery finish. Fifteen riders ended in the mass finish with Saunders again being number one ahead of Gerard van Antwerpen, Karwowski, Ethan Batt and Mike Murphy.

The overall classification was won by Saunders (39m 41s), with Karwowski (at same time),Ethan Batt (at 10s), Nick Batt (at 16s) and Herkt (at 20s). The overall sealed handicap went to Brent Ackroyd by 14s to Thomas Westend with another 4 seconds to Craig Anderson and Georgia Catterick.
The ‘B’ grade event was also run over 3 stages at a slightly shorter distance. Niels van Antwerpen was dominant by winning all 3 stages from Connor Guillemot. The overall sealed handicap Went to James Greer from Guillemot and Sam Spencer.  Results: Summernite Series- Cycle World Stage Race No1, Stage 1 6km, C Saunders 9m 12s 1, Q Karwowski s.t. 2, E Batt 9m 15s 3, N Batt 9m 20s 4, G Herkt 9m 23s 5. Stage 2 11km, C Saunders 15m 44s 1, Q Karwowski s.t. 2, N Batt s.t. 3, E Batt 15m 48s 4, G Herkt 15m 50s 5. Stage 3 10km, C Saunders 14m 45s 1, G van Antwerpen s.t. 2, Q Karwowski s.t. 3, E Batt 14m 48s 4, M Murphy s.t. 5. Overall classification, C Saunders 39m 41s 1, Q Karwowski s.t. 2, E Batt 39m 51s 3, N Batt 39m 57s 4, G Herkt 40m 01s 5, G van Antwerpen 40m 02s 6, B Ackroyd 40m 12s 7, D Vile s.t. 8, M Murphy 40m 23s 9, T Westend 40m 26s 10. Overall handicap, B Ackroyd (2m 30s) 37m 42s 1, T Westend (2m 30s) 37m 56s 2, C Anderson (2m 30s) 38m 00s 3, G Catterick (2m 30s) s.t. 4, G Henderson (2m 30s) and G Herkt (1m 30s) 38m 31s 5 equal, Q Karwowski (1m) 38m 41s 7, E Batt (1m) 38m 51s 8, D Vile (1m) 39m 12s 9, B Verhoef (1m 30s) 39m 14s 10. B grade- Stage 1 5km, N van Antwerpen 11m 03s 1, C Guillemot 11m 07s 2, S Spencer 11m 14s 3. Stage 2 9km, N van Antwerpen 17m 41s 1, C Guillemot 17m 47s 2, S Spencer 17m 58s 3. Stage 3 10km, N van Antwerpen 22m 51s 1, C Guillemot 23m 02s 2, J Greer 23m 08s 3. Overall classification, N van Antwerpen 51m 35s 1, C Guillemot 51m 56s 2, J Greer 53m 28s 3. Overall handicap, J Greer (6m 30s) 46m 58s 1, C Guillemot (3m) 48m 56s 2, S Spencer (5m) 49m 30s 3.