Saunders & Karwowski Dominate Track

Riders still produced good times in the cold and windy conditions at Cuddon Cycling Marlborough’s track meeting at Athletic Park last Monday evening.
In the open grade Callum Saunders was the standout rider with wins in the 1000m scratch, miss and out, and the 500m handicap where he recorded a quick 35.01s from the scratch mark. Quinn Karwowski recorded two second places and a fast 500m time trial of 35.22s in the windy conditions. Gerard van Antwerpen had a good win in the 8000m scratch.
The junior under 17 grade ‘A’ grade saw Thomas Westend take wins in the miss and out, and the 1600m handicap. Ethan Batt was consistent with a win in the 500m handicap plus two third placings. Batt (42.08s) and Callum Caughey (43.94s) impressed in the 500m time trial.
The junior under 17 grade ‘B’ grade saw wins go to Shaun Woods (500m hcp), Bryce Blackmore (miss and out) and Joseph Westend (1600m hcp). Westend (50.25s) had the fastest 500m time trial from Woods (50.69s). Connor Guillemot was also consistent with two placings on the night.
Open grade- 1000m R/S, C Saunders 1, Q Karwowski 2, G Herkt 3, 1m 16.12s. 500m hcp, C Saunders (scr) 1, Q Karwowski (scr) 2, D MacKenzie (70m) 3, 35.01s. Miss and Out, C Saunders 1, G Herkt 2, G van Antwerpen 3. 8000m R/S, G van Antwerpen 1, G Henderson 2, M Straker 3, 11m 33.33s.
Junior under 17 grade- ‘A’ grade, 500m hcp, E Batt 1, H Trollope 2, C Caughey 3, 42.08s. Miss and out, T Westend 1, G Catterick 2, E Batt 3. 1600m hcp, T Westend 1, C Caughey 2, E Batt 3, 2m 17.64s. 500m time trial, E Batt 42.08s 1, C Caughey 43.94s 2, G Catterick 46.74s 3. ‘B’ grade, 500m hcp, S Woods 1, C Guillemot 2, H Kennington 3, 46.96s. Miss and out, B Blackmore 1, S Woods 2. 1600m hcp, J Westend 1, N van Antwerpen 2, c Guillemot 3, 2m 41.53s. 500m time trial, J Westend 50.25s 1, S Woods 50.69s 2, N van Antwerpen 52.05s 3.