Dunstan Still Tops In TT & Catterick Topples Record Again

Masters rider Ray Dunstan continued his winning form at Cuddon Cycling Marlborough’s Summernite Series, Cycle World Time Trial No2 at Fairhall last Wednesday evening.
Better conditions saw the majority of riders record better times on the 16km New Renwick Road/Godfreys Road out and return course. Dunstan recorded 21m 13s to head off Brodie Catterick (21m 35s), Jeremy McKenzie (21m 46s) and Nick Batt (21m 57s). The ride of the night came Georgia Catterick (25m 16s) who smashed her own Junior Under 17 Women’s record, set three weeks ago, by an amazing 40 seconds. The sealed handicap section went to Glen Herkt by 5 seconds to Batt with another 11 seconds back to youngster Shaun Woods.
Summernite Series- Cycle World Time Trial No2 16km, R Dunstan 21m 13s 1, B Catterick 21m 35s 2, J McKenzie 21m46s 3, N Batt 21m 57s 4, G van Antwerpen 22m 16s 5, D Grono 23m 26s 6, B Ackroyd 23m 29s 7, R Lock and B Verhoef 23m 49s 8 equal, P Halligan 24m 05s 10, R Murphy (first Woman) 24m 12s 11. Sealed handicap, G Herkt (4m 15s) 20m37s 1, N Batt (1m 15s) 20m 42s 2, S Woods (11m 20s) 20m 53s 3, E Batt (4m) and G van Antwerpen (1m 15s) 21m 01s 4 equal, D MacKenzie (4m) 21m 03s 6, P Halligan (3m) and B Catterick (30s) 21m 05s 7 equal, B Ackroyd (2m 20s) 21m 09s 9, M Thompson (5m 30s) 21m 10s 10.