Catterick And Crampton topple Dunstan In TT

Youngsters Brodie Catterick and Peter Crampton finally topple time trial stalwart Ray Dunstan in Cuddon Cycling Marlborough’s Summernite Series, Cycle World Time trial No3 at Fairhall last Wednesday evening.
Warm and windy conditions saw a great tussle between the top riders on the 16km New Renwick Road/Godfreys Road out and return course. Strong head winds on the outward journey certainly ruled out any records, but all riders were relieved on the home leg with speeds up to 65km being reached. It was Catterick that had the edge in recording a good 21m 27s on the night to take victory over Crampton (21m 33s) and Dunstan (21m 34s). The sealed handicap also went to Catterick by a mere 2 seconds over junior under 17 rider Dylan Vile and another 1 second to another junior under 17 rider Ethan Batt.
Summernite Series- Cycle World Time Trial No3, B Catterick 21m 27s 1, P Crampton 21m 33s 2, R Dunstan 21m 34s 3, G van Antwerpen 22m 54s 4, M Fletcher 24m 05s 5, D Grono 24m 08s 6, E Batt 24m 25s 7, R Murphy 24m 47s 8, D Vile 25m 19s 9, A Jamieson 25m 21s 10. Sealed handicap, B Catterick (20s) 21m 07s 1, D Vile (4m 10s) 21m 09s 2, E Batt (3m 45s) 21m 10s 3, C Anderson (5m 10s) 21m 26s 4, P Crampton (scr) 21m 33s 5, R Dunstan (scr) 21m 34s 6, M Fletcher (2m 20s) 7, R Murphy (3m) 21m 47s 8, A Jamieson (2m 30s) 22m 51s 9, G van Antwerpen (1m) 21m 54s 10.