Karwowski & Trollope Stage Race Winners

Former Marlborough rider Cameron Karwowski dominated the Cycle World Stage Race No3 at Cuddon Cycling Marlborough’s event at Fairhall last Wednesday.
The ‘A’ grade event’s first stage over 12km started at Wither Hills Winery and covered a course around Benmorven, the Ridge Resort and finishing up Fairbourne Drive. The pressure went on early with Karwowski and Peter Crampton riding away to finish 1m 17s clear of Lee Griggs and Gerard van Antwerpen respectively. Stage two over 10km followed a route up to Hawkesbury, around the small circuit to finish in Dog Point Road. The field split going into Hawkesbury with four riders contesting the sprint, taken by Karwowski over Crampton, Ethan Batt and Nick Batt. The final 6km stage back to Wither Hills Winery was fast and furious with alot of breakaway attempts. Twelve riders went for the line with Junior under 17 rider Ethan Batt taking line honours over Karwowski, Crampton and Kevin Bishell respectively. The overall result went to Karwowski over Crampton (same time), Batt (at 1m 47s), van Antwerpen (at 1m 54s) and Griggs (at 1m 59s). The sealed handicap also went to Karwowski and Crampton with Batt third at 1m 17s.
The ‘B’ grade followed a similiar course with Hugh Trollope being stronger on the hills to take a six second leade over Christopher Grammer and Merrick Thompson (at 11s) on stage one. Five riders cleared out on stage two with Grammer winning the sprint over Trollope, Thompson, Jack Ritchie and Ethan Brydon respectively. The final stage saw seven riders contest the sprint with Grammer again taking the win from Trollope, Thompson and Ritchie with Dagmar van Antwerpen taking a good fith place. The overall result was a win to Trollope by 4 seconds over Grammer with another 9 seconds to Thompson in third place. The sealed handicap was taken convincingly by Trollope by 14 seconds over Ritchie with another 30 seconds back to Thompson in third place.
Cycle World Stage Race No3, ‘A’ grade, Stage One 12km, C Karwowski 16m 10s 1, P Crampton s.t. 2, L Griggs 17m 27s 3, G van Antwerpen s.t. 4, E Batt 17m 58s 5. Stage Two 10km, C Karwowski 14m 03s 1, P Crampton s.t. 2, E Batt s.t. 3, N Batt 14m 07s 4, G van Antwerpen 14m 35s 5. Stage Three 6km, E Batt 9m00s 1, C Karwowski s.t. 2, P Crampton s.t. 3, K Bishell s.t. 4, L Griggs 9m 01s 5. Overall Classification, C Karwowski 39m 13s 1, P Crampton s.t. 2, E Batt 41m 00s 3, G van Antwerpen 41m 07s 4, L Griggs 41m 12s 5. Overall handicap, C Karwowski (scr) 39m 13s 1, P Crampton (scr) s.t. 2, E Batt (30s) 40m 30s 3, L Griggs (30s) 40m 42s 4, K Bishell (1m) 41m 00s 5. ‘B grade, Stage One 10km, H Trollope 17m 14s 1, C Grammer 17m 20s 2, M Thompson 17m 25s 3, E Brydon 17m 33s 4, J Ritchie 17m 35s 5. Stage Two 10km, C Grammer 16m 56s 1, H Trollope s.t. 2, M Thompson s.t. 3, J Ritchie s.t. 4, E Brydon s.t. 5. Stage Three 6km, C Grammer 11m 49s 1, H Trollope 11m 51s 2, M Thompson 11m 53s 3, J Ritchie s.t. 4, D van Antwerpen 12m 07s 5. Overall Classification, H Trollope 46m 01s 1, C Grammer 46m 05s 2, M Thompson 46m 14s 3, J Ritchie 46m 24s 4, E Brydon 46m 44s. Overall handicap, H Trollope (1m) 45m 01s 1, J Ritchie (1m) 45m 24s 2, M Thompson (20s) 45m 54s 3, C Grammer (scr) 46m 05s 4, E Brydon (scr) 46m 44s 5.