Locals Dominate Centre Track Champs

Riders sweltered in the heat as Cuddon Cycling Marlborough hosted the Tasman Centre Track Cycling Championships at Athletic Park last Saturday.
Large fields in the younger age groups showed great potential for the Tasman Centre in the next few years. Standout local riders were Ethan Batt (Junior Under 17) and Callum Caughey (Junior Under 15) who both had clean sweeps in their events. Junior under 17 riders Thomas Westend and Hugh Trollope also gained good results. Gerard van Antwerpen, Nick Batt and Graham Henderson were dominant in the open and masters events.
2013 Tasman Centre Track Cycling Championships, Athletic Park, Blenheim – Junior Under 15 Boys- 500m time trial, C Caughey 40.64s 1, F Black 44.65s 2, C Grammer 47.05s 3. 500m derby, C Caughey 1, F Black 2, S Morgan 3, 41.8s. Junior Under 15 Girls- 500m time trial, S Fulton 42.51s 1, B Kerr 44.40s 2, N Black 45.25s 3. 500m derby, S Fulton 1, N Black 2, B Kerr 3. Junior Under 15 Open, Non-Champ. Miss and out, C Caughey 1, B Kerr 2, C Grammer 3. Points race, C Caughey 15pt 1, S Fulton 9pt 2, B Kerr 4pt 3. Junior Under 17 Boys- 500m time trial, E Batt 39.51s 1, T Westend 42.73s 2, H Trollope 44.15s 3. Sprints, E Batt beat H Trollope 15.04s, 14.20s. Third, T Westend beat Z Mortimer 15.13s, 15.51s. 2000m pursuit, E Batt 2m 52.66s 1, T Westend 3m 00.05s 2, Z Mortimer 3m 10.86s 3. Junior Under 17 Girls- 500m time trial, M Kerr 42.58s 1, R McLeod 44.57s 2, G Cowman 47.34s 3. Sprints, M Kerr beat R McLeod 15.15s, 15.73s. Third, G Cowman beat D van Antwerpen 16.34s, 17.2s. 2000m pursuit, M Kerr 3m 00.00s 1, G Cowman 3m 15.37s 2, R McLeod 3m 16.60s 3. Junior Under 17 Open, 4000m scratch race, E Batt 1, T Westend 2, M Kerr 3, 5m 58s. Points race, E Batt 15pt 1, T Westend 8pt 2,  M Kerr 7pt 3. Masters 3 – 500m time trial, G Henderson 42.65s 1, M Pendleton 43.70s 2. 2000m pursuit, G Henderson 3m 05.92s 1, M Pendleton 3m 06.51s 2. Masters 2- 500m time trial, G van Antwerpen 43.17s 1. 3000m pursuit, G van Antwerpen 4m 12.49s 1. Masters 1- 750m time trial, N Batt 1m 02.06s 1. 3000m pursuit, N Batt 4m 19.29s 1. Junior Under 19 Men- 1000m time trial, A Leveton 1m 20.59s 1, D Vile 1m 23.70s 2, N Blakiston 1m 24.34s 3. Sprints, A Leveton beat N Blakiston 14.03s, 14.20s. Third, D Vile. 3000m pursuit, D Vile 4m 30.84s 1, N Blakiston 4m 36.23s 2, A Leveton 4m 47.52s 3. Open 8000m scratch, G van Antwerpen 1, N Batt 2, G Henderson 3, 11m 48s. Point race, G van Antwerpen 16pt 1, N Batt 9pt 2, G Henderson 8pt 3.