Tasman Centre TT & Road Champs

Cuddon Cycling Marlborough hosted the Tasman Centre time trial and road championships last weekend with local riders having mixed success against their Nelson rivals.
On Saturday the time trials were held over 15km and 25km distances for the various age grades on the Waihopai Road course. The three fastest times over the 25km distance were recorded by locals Ray Dunstan (34m 09s), Tony Catterick (34m 56s) and Jeremy McKenzie (36m 29s). Centre titles went to Marlborough’s Dunstan (Masters 50-54yr), McKenzie (Masters 35-39yr), Rhonda Murphy (Masters Women 40-44yr), and Susan van der Pol (Senior Women). Garry Overend (Nelson) flew over the 15km course in 21m 28s to record the fastest time from club mate Gethyn Filer (22m 08s) and Marlborough’s Ben Vehoef (22m 55s). Centre titles taken by locals were Ethan Batt (Junior Under 17 Boys), Georgia Catterick (Junior Under 17 Girls), and Callum Caughey (Junior Under 15 Boys).
On Sunday the road races were held on the tough Seaview course at Seddon in hot and windy conditions. The distances varied for the different age groups from 20-80km. The 80km event was won by Dean Fulton (Nelson) followed in 40 seconds later by Gerard van Antwerpen (Marlborough), Cameron Ford (Nelson) and Nick Batt (Marlborough). Centre titles went to Marlborough’s Van Antwerpen (Masters 45-49yr), and Batt (Masters 40-44yr). The 60km event was won by Nelson’s Ritchie Howes from visitor Brent Harris (Cheviot) and Overend (Nelson). A Centre title went to local Rhonda Murphy (Masters Women 40-44yr). Centre titles also went to Batt (Junior Under 17 Boys 60km) and Georgia Catterick (Junior Under 17 Girls 40km).
Tasman Centre Time Trial Championships, 25km, Senior Women, S van der Pol (M) 47m12s 1. Masters Women 45-49yr, T Radman (N) 41m 24s 1. Masters Women 40-44yr, R Murphy 40m 22s 1. Masters 55-59yr, R Howes (N) 36m 44s 1, M Fletcher (M) 38m 15s 2, R de Ruiter (M) 42m 14s 3. Masters 50-54yr, R Dunstan (M) 34m 09s 1, T Catterick (M) 34m 56s 2. Masters 40-44yr, B Herron (N) 36m 56s 1, N Batt 37m 14s 2, G Herkt (M) 44m 31s 3. Masters 35-39yrs, J McKenzie 36m 29s 1. Junior Under 19 Men, C Ford (N) 37m 09s 1. 16km, Masters Women 65-69yr, C van Hoppe (N) 26m 34s 1, Masters 60-64yr, A Rigg (N) 25m 19s 1. Junior Under 15 Girls, B Kerr (N) 27m 24s 1, S Fulton (N) 29m 22s 2. Junior Under 15 Boys, C Caughey (M) 25m 27s 1, B Ford (N) 25m 45s 2, S Woods (M) 30m 52s 3, J Westend (M) 32m 35s 4, N van Antwerpen (M) 33m 59s 5, S Spencer (M) 36m 05s 6. Junior Under 17 Girls, G Catterick (M) 24m 32s 1, M Kerr (N) 26m 22s 2. Junior Under 19 Women, C Holmes (N) 25m 54s 1. Masters 60-64yr, G Overend (N) 21m 28s 1, G Filer (N) 22m 08s 2, B Verhoef (M) 22m 55s 3, G Henderson (M) 24m 31s 4, P Rigg (N) 25m 19s 5. Junior Under 17 Boys, E Batt (M) 23m 21s 1, T Westend (M) 25m 05s 2, Z Mortimer (M) 27m 42s 3, E Brydon (M) 28m 15s 4, J Ritchie (M) 28m 21s 5.
Tasman Centre Road Championships, 80km, Masters 35-39yr, K Ralfe (N) 2hr 16m 33s 1, J McKenzie (M) 2hr 19m 05s 2. Masters 40-44yr, N Batt (M) 2hr 15m 03s 1, J Black (N) 2hr 16m 43s 2, B Herron (N) 2hr 21m 40s 3, A Gifford (M) 2hr 31m 14s 4. Senior Men, D Fulton (N) 2hr 14m 21s 1, C Sharland (N) 2hr 16m 59s 2, M Cooper (N) 2hr 48m 39s 3. Masters 45-49yr, G van Antwerpen (M) 2hr 15m 01s 1. Junior Under 19 Men, C Ford (N) 2hr 15m 01s 1. Masters 50-54yr, G Stirling (N) 2hr 16m 42s 1, T Carmichael (N) 2hr 34m 18s 2, S Rooney (M) 2hr 34m 31s 3, V Walker (N) 2hr 43m 20s 4. Senior Women, K Fulton (N) 2hr 28m 55s 1, K Marshall (M) 2hr 34m 18s 2, A Maslowska (N) 2hr 34m 18s 3. Junior Under 19 Women, C Holmes (N) 2hr 43m20s 1. 60km, Masters 55-59yr, R Howes (N) 1hr 46m 34s 1, B Harris (M) 1hr 46m 35s 2, M Fletcher (M) 1hr 51m 40s 3, T Cameron (N) 1hr 53m 08s 4, C Anderson (M) 1hr 53m 10s 5, R de Ruiter (M) 2hr 03m 01s 6. Masters 60-64yr, G Overend (N) 1hr 46m 53s 1, B Verhoef (M) 1hr 55m 43s 2, G Henderson (M) 2hr 01m 33s 3. Masters Women 40-44yr, R Murphy (M) 2hr 00m 03s 1. Masters Women 45-49yr, T Radman (N) 1hr 58m 18s 1. Masters Women 60-64yr, A Rigg (N) 2hr 01m 33s 1. Masters Women 65-69yr, C van Hoppe (N) 2hr 18m 01s. Junior Under 17 Boys, E Batt (M) 1hr 57m 33s 1, T Westend (M) 1hr 58m 06s 2, E Brydon (M) 2hr 13m 45s 3, Z Mortimer (M) 2hr 16m 41s 4. 40km, Junior Under 17 Girls, G Catterick (M) 1hr 15m 05s 1, M Kerr (N) 1hr 19m 37s 2, G Cowman (N) 1hr 29m 37s 3. 20km, Junior Under 15 Boys, B Ford (N) 41m 01s 1, C Caughey (M) 41m 02s 2, F Black (N) 41m 42s 3, J Westend (M) 47m 09s 4, S Woods (M) 49m 56s 5, N van Antwerpen (M) 51m 06s 6, H Grimwood (N) 51m 16s 7, S Spencer (M) 65m 45s 8. Junior Under 15 Girls, B Kerr (N) 42m 05s 1, S Fulton (N) 42m 18s 2, N Black (N) 42m 18s 3, C Grimwood (N) 51m 15s 4.