Junior Cyclists Mixing It Up

Top junior under 17 cyclist Ethan Batt has stamped his authority on Cuddon Cycling Marlborough’s junior cycling over the last two weeks with two fine wins.
Last Saturday the junior under 17 grade rode a time trial and a massed start road race on the Taylor Pass Road. Batt comfortably won the road race by 13 seconds to Callum Caughey with another 6 seconds back to Jack Ritchie, Hugh Trollope and Chris Grammer respectively. Batt was unlucky to puncture in the time trial event which was taken out easily by Grammer by 23 seconds over Zac Mortimer with Caughey another 1 second back in third place.
The previous week at Lower Wairau the 28km handicap event saw Batt charge through the field from the scratch mark to take first place and fastest time. Mortimer and Ritchie (off 3min) finished strongly to take the minor placings respectively.
8th June, Taylor Pass 15km massed start, E Batt 26m 53s 1, C Caughey 27m 06s 2, J Ritchie 27m 13s 3, H Trollope 27m 14s 4, C Grammer 27m 16s 5. 6km Time Trial, C Grammer 10m 17s 1, Z Mortimer 10m 40s 2, C Caughey 10m 41s 3, J Ritchie 10m 53s 4, H Trollope 11m 14s 5.
1st June, Lower Wairau 28km hcp, E Batt (off scr) 1, Z Mortimer (off 3m) 2, J Ritchie (off 3m) 3, T Radcliffe (off 19m) 4, S Spencer (off 19m) 5. Fastest time, E Batt (scr) 49m 56s 1, Z Motimer (3m) 51m 29s 2, J Ritchie (3m) 51m 30s 3, C Caughey (1m) 51m 35s 4, C Grammer (1m) s.t. 5.
18th May, Taylor Pass 24km hcp, Z Mortimer (off 4m) 1, J Ritchie (off 4m) 2, N van Antwerpen (off 8m) 3, S Morgan (off 12m) 4, J Greer (off 8m) 5. Fastest time, C Caughey (2m) 41m 26s 1, C Grammer (2m) 41m 27s 2, T Westend (scr) 41m 40s 3, Z Mortimer (4m) 43m 20s 4, J Ritchie (4m) 43m 22s 5.