Kendall Back & Grammer Takes James Bros. Trophy

Larry Kendall scored a fine win in Cuddon Cycling Marlborough’s Fairweathers Winter series event on the Rarangi/tuamarina circuit last Saturday afternoon.
The open grade 43km handicap event coverd 4 laps of a circuit starting and finishing on Neals Road. All groups rode well over the first 3 laps with all the action happening in the final lap. The 12min trio of Kendall, Alan Milne and Malcolm Rush teamed well to hit the front on lap three. Part of the strong 1min break bunch were in hot pursuit, catching the 3m30s and 6m group with about 4km remaining. The frontrunners stood to their task with Kendall taking line honours convincingly, with Milne just heading off Polly Taylor (18m) and Rush in a tight finish for the minor placings. Just 22sec later Luc Cowley (1m) and visiting rider Gavin Mason (1m) crossed the line respectively to take the time honours away from the scratchmarkers.
The junior under 17 grade competed in a massed start/sealed handicap event over 2 laps for the James Bros. Trophy. Christopher Grammer had a strong ride to break clear in the first lap and went on for a fine win. Zac Mortimer came in just one minute back for second place with Ethan Brydon a further 1m03s back in third place. The sealed handicap favoured the handicap riders in the good conditions with Sam Spencer winning by over 3 minutes to Hannah Lucas with sister Brittany Lucas just another 30sec back.
Meanwhile, this Saturday afternoon close competition is expected amongst the top riders when they compete in the Vincent Cup/Verhey Cup time trial event on the Waihopai Valley Road. The open grade 40km time trial event starts at the Grove Mill Winery and covers a rolling course to just beyond Craiglochart and return. Fastest time honours for the Vincent Cup will probably be a close battle between Jeremy McKenzie and Nick Batt, with Gerard van Antwerpen and Sean O’Neill also up to the challenge. A sealed handicap will be held on the event with the Verhey Cup going to the handicap winner. All riders are to assemble opposite the Grove Mill Winery at 1pm for a 1.30pm start.
Open Grade- Fairweathers Winter series, 43km handicap, L Kendall (off 12m) 1, A Milne (off 12m) 2, P Taylor (off 18m) 3, M Rush (off 12m) 4, L Cowley (off 1m) 5, G Mason (off 1m) 6, P Newman (off 1m) 7, T Neal (off 3m 30s) 8, D Hutchison (off 6m) 9, R Hill (off 6m) 10. Fastest time, L Cowley (1m) 1hr 05m 55s 1, G Mason (1m) 1hr 05m 58s 2, P Newman (1m) 1hr 06m 21s 3, T Catterick (scr) 1hr 06m 25s 4, N Batt (scr) 1hr 06m 46s 5.
Junior under 17 grade, James Bros. Trophy 22km Massed start/sealed handicap, C Grammer 38m 27s 1, Z Mortimer 39m 27s 2, E Brydon 40m 30s 3, E Wells 41m 33s 4, S Morgan 41m 34s 5. Sealed handicap, S Spencer (16m) 28m 53s 1, H Lucas (16m) 32m 05s 2, B Lucas (13m) 32m 36s 3, H Morgan (16m) 32m 48s 4, E Wells (5m) 36m 33s 5.