Dunstan Takes Championship Double

Masters rider Ray Dunstan was in top form to take the double with first place and fastest time in Cuddon Cycling Marlborough’s Open 80km Championship on Saturday afternoon at Fairhall.
The open grade 80km handicap event saw riders cover 4 laps of the Benmorven, Ridge, Godfreys Road course. The hot and windy conditions were testing with half the field retiring by the end of the third lap. The scratch group had added the 6min break riders to their group in the second lap and hit the front in the third lap. The leading 7 riders tackled the Ridge hill on the last lap with Nick Batt (scr) going clear to be soon joined by Dunstan (scr) with the remaining riders chasing hard. The leading pair forged their advantage out to 1min with Dunstan taking line honours with ease over Batt. Gerard van Antwerpen (scr) led in the sprint for third place from Josh Scott (scr), Mike Murphy (6m), Kevin Bishell (6m) and Sean O’Neill (scr). Dunstan took the Gibson Challenge Cups for time and handicap honours, the Savoy Trophy for first Marlborough rider home and the Masters title. Josh Scott took the Senior mens title with Georgia Catterick taking the Womens title.
The junior under 17 grade rode their Championship event over two laps of the course (40km). Neils van Antwerpen and Joseph Westend broke away from their 14m co-markers during the first lap with van Antwerpen riding clear on the final lap for a convincing win by 1m 38s. Westend held on for second place with just 33 seconds back to fast finishing scratchman Ethan Batt who took the junior under 17 title.
Open grade- Cuddon Cycling Marlborough 80km Open Championship, R Dunstan (scr) 1, N Batt (scr) 2, G van Antwerpen (scr) 3, J Scott (scr) 4, M Murphy (6m) 5, K Bishell (6m) 6, S O’Neill (scr) 7, G Catterick (9m) 8, M Catterick (9m) 9, M Fletcher (9m) 10. Fastest time, R Dunstan 2hr 04m 28s 1, N Batt 2hr 04m 31s 2, G van Antwerpen 2hr 05m 27s 3, J Scott 2hr 05m 28s 4, S O’Neill 2hr 05m 38s 5.
Junior Under 17 grade- Cuddon Cycling Marlborough 40km Open Championship, N van Antwerpen (14m) 1, J Westend (14m) 2, E Batt (scr) 3, E Gordon (7m) 4, H Trollope (7m) 5. Fastest time, E Batt 1hr 10m 25s 1, E Gordon 1hr 17m 26s 2, H Trollope 1hr 19m 53s 3.