August 9 racing at Hawkesbury

A two stage graded event was held on the Hawkesbury circuits on Saturday as race 4 of Cuddon Cycling Marlborough’s Fairweathers Winter series. There was some initial doubt about running the race with the strong winds buffeting the region, however the Hawkesbury area was surprisingly well sheltered.

Stage 1 took the form of a short 7.2km individual time trial with the restriction of no specialist time trial equipment being allowed. Good times were posted in the respective A to D grades by Sean O’Neill, Thomas Westend, Zac Mortimer, and Niels van Antwerpen which saw them as the leading riders heading into the Stage 2 road race.

The Stage 2 road race provided some exciting racing as riders either sought to protect their lead from the time trial result or attempt to attack and stage a break large enough to swing the final result their way. The course included laps of Brookby and Hawkesbury Roads with a hill-top finish on Barracks Road. Grades A to C completed 31km, D grade 19km. In the A Grade Gerard van Antwerpen stole 14 seconds on leader Sean O’Neill to seal the overall honours. In the B Grade Mike Murphy forced a split and finished in the lead group to upset Thomas Westend. In the C Grade, although Zac Mortimer was pipped on the line in the road race by Warren Hall, he held a generous lead from a good time trial result. Niels van Antwerpen couldn’t be headed in the D grade and he completed the double taking both stages.


A Grade: Stage 1 TT Sean O’Neill 10m56s 1, Gerard van Antwerpen 10m58s 2, Luc Cowley 11m10s 3; Stage 2 RR Gerard van Antwerpen 50m54s 1, Luc Cowley 51m03s 2, Sean O’Neill 51m08s 3; Overall Gerard van Antwerpen 61m52s 1, Sean O’Neill 62m04s 2, Luc Cowley 62m13s 3.

B Grade: Stage 1 TT Thomas Westend 11m42s 1, Mike Murphy 11m43s 2, Jason Clark 12m05s 3; Stage 2 RR Mike Murphy 54m08s 1, Glen Herkt 54m14s 2, Merrick Thompson 54m19s 3; Overall Mike Murphy 65m51s 1, Merrick Thompson 66m40s 2, Matt Wells 66m48s 3.

C Grade: Stage 1 TT Zac Mortimer 11m55s 1, Callum Caughey 12m32s 2, David Hutcheson 12m38s 3; Stage 2 RR Warren Hall 59m03s 1, Zac Mortimer 59m04s 2, Callum Caughey 59m16s 3; Overall Zac Mortimer 70m59s 1, Callum Caughey 71m48s 2, David Hutcheson 72m00s 3.

D Grade: Stage 1 TT Niels van Antwerpen 12m47s 1, Shaun Woods 12m52s 2, Sam Morgan 13m32s 3; Stage 2 RR Niels van Antwerpen 42m39s 1, Joel Madsen-Clark 42m41s 2, Sam Morgan 42m44s 3; Overall Niels van Antwerpen 55m26s 1, Shaun Woods 55m40s 2, Sam Morgan 56m16s 3.