Martella Wins Again

Another strong finishing sprint saw Ian Martella take the victory and retain the Van Antwerpen Trophy  at Grovetown on Saturday afternoon.
The 43 km handicap event was run in cool and breezy conditions. The course started and  finished at Grovetown covering 3 laps of the large Lower Wairau circuit  including Jones Rd, Morgans Rd, Swamp Rd, Dillons Point Rd, Rowberrys Rd, Swamp Rd, and finishing opposite James Nursery in Vickerman St.  The first lap saw the 10 minute markers, Craig Anderson, Stephen Rooney and Martella catch the 12 minute group and then next lap hitting the front when they caught the 16 minute front markers. In the windy conditions these 3 rode off in pursuit of victory.  One lap to go they were 2m02s ahead of the 6min break group with another 2m14s back to the strong scratch bunch. With the backmarkers closing in rapidly the three held on with Martella taking his second consecutive win just ahead of Rooney and Anderson respectively. Neils van Antwerpen led in the break group 27sec later with scratch only another 20sec back. Andrew Bidwell was dominant in the sprint to take fastest time trophy from Ethan Batt, Gerard van Antwerpen and Sean O’Niell.
The Junior Under 17  15km event for the Amtman and Sincock Trophies was won by new rider Matthew Hall.
Open Grade- Van Antwerpen Trophies 43km Hcp- I Martella (off 10m) 1, S Rooney (off 10m) 2, C Anderson (off 10m) 3, N van Antwerpen (off 6m) 4, Adam Bidwell (off 6m) 5, M Thompson (off 6m) 6, R Olliver (off 6m) 7, Andrew Bidwell (off scr) 8, E Batt (off scr) 9, G van Antwerpen (off scr) 10. Fastest Time- A Bidwell (scr) 63m 02s 1, E Batt (scr) 63m06s 2, G van Antwerpen (scr) 63m06s 3, S O’Neill (scr) 63m06s 4, C Harper (scr) 64m38s 5.
Junior Under 17 Grade- Amtman/Sincock Trophies 15km Hcp- M Hall 46m06s 1.