Speedy Batts Take Two-Up TT Trophies

Father/Son combinations were dominant in the Geddes Memorial Cups two-up time trial on the SH63 course from Waihopai Valley turnoff to just short of Wairau Valley township and return this afternoon.
The open grade event was ridden in cool calm conditions with a slight headwind on the return journey. Nick and Ethan Batt formed a powerful combination to record 27m38s on the outward journey and 25m49s on the homeward leg. A great winning time of 53m27s. Gerard and Niels van Antwerpen  (58m13s) had a good ride for second place with Ian Martella and Craig Anderson (64m38s) in third.  The sealed handicap trophy also went to the Batts by 1m16s to the van Antwerpens with another 1m37s to Jamie Kidd and Rene de Ruiter in third place.
Open Grade- Geddes Memorial Cups 40km Two-Up TT- N & E Batt 53m 27s 1, G & N van Antwerpen 58m 13s 2, I Martella/C Anderson 64m38s 3, M Thompson (Individual) 64m 43s 4, J Kidd/R de Ruiter 69m 20s 5, J Sherwood/N Harris 70m 21s 6. Sealed Hcp- N & E Batt (scr) 53m 27s 1, G & N van Antwerpen (3m30s) 54m 43s 2, J Kidd/R de Ruiter (13m) 56m 20s 3, I Martella/C Anderson (6m30s) 58m 08s 4, J Sherwood/N Harris (11m) 59m 21s 5.
Junior Under 17 grade- 16km TT- K Batt 31m 20s 1.