Gerard van Antwerpen takes David Duff Memorial Trophy

The open grade massed start/sealed handicap event over 56km was held from Fairhall Hall over four laps of the large Hawkesbury circuit and return. The field split on the first lap with Gerard van Antwerpen, Merrick Thompson, Richard Olliver and Stephen Rooney going clear with the rest of the field in chase mode. The final lap saw van Antwerpen and Olliver ride away with van Antwerpen a convincing winner in the sprint home over Olliver. Just over a minute back Rooney took third place over Thompson. The handicap honours went to Rooney from Olliver and Thompson.
David Duff Memorial Trophy 56km- G van Antwerpen 1hr30m09s 1, R Olliver 1hr30m12s 2, S Rooney 1hr31m17s 3, M Thompson 1hr31m20s 4, K Batt 1hr36m57s (Junior Under 17 Newport Trophy) 5, M Murphy 1hr36m59s 6, B Verhoef 1hr37m00s 7. Sealed handicap- S Rooney (8m) 1hr23m17s 1, R Olliver (5m) 1hr25m12s 2, M Thompson (5m) 1hr26m20s 3, M Murphy (8m) 1hr28m59s 4, B Verhoef (8m) 1hr 29m00s 5.