Katie Batt Takes Line Honours

The open grade event over 40km was held over five laps of the Vickerman St, Swamp Rd, Morgans Rd, Jones Rd circuit. Warm and windy conditions produced a good test for the field. The 10m duo of Katie Batt and Martin Fletcher rode strongly to catch the 14 minute group going into the last lap with the rest of the field closing in rapidly. Batt rode off the front in the last 2km headwind stretch in Jones Rd. The effort paid off with line honours by 30seconds. The rest were caught by the 5m markers 200m from the line. Fletcher still held on to second place in the sprint from Merrick Thompson (5m), Stephen Rooney (5m), Nathan Harris (14m), Graham Henderson (14m) and Chris Ireland (14m). Scratch came in a minute later with Gerard van Antwerpen taking fastest time.
40km Hcp- K Batt (10m) 1, M Fletcher (10m) 2, M Thompson (5m) 3, S Rooney (5m) 4, N Harris (14m) 5, G Henderson (14m) 6, C Ireland (14m) 7, M Murphy (5m) 8, G van Antwerpen (scr) 9, P Sell (scr) 10. Fastest Time- G van Antwerpen (scr) 63m06s 1, P Sell (scr) 63m07s 2, R Olliver (scr) 63m09s 3, D Hodson (scr) 65m02s 4, M Thompson (5m) 67m12s 5.