New Rider Hill Takes Pelorus Cup

The Pelorus Cup was raced for on the Forrest Estate, Renwick to the top of Mahakipawa and return course in good sunny conditions until the latter part of the race when a cool drizzle of rain was felt. The 60km handicap event saw front runners Warren Hall and Graham Henderson clear until approximately 10km from home when they were caught by the strong break markers. New rider Andrew Hill and Jeannie Blakemore were powering the group along and giving the scratch markers a run for their money. The sprint for home saw Hill a clear winner from Hall, Andrew Gifford, Blakemore and Mike Murphy. Scratch were headed in several minutes later by Gerard van Antwerpen who took fastest time from Adam Bidwell and Richard Olliver.
Results: Pelorus Cup Cup 6okm- A Hill (off 6m) 1, W Hall (off 20m) 2, A Gifford (off 6m) 3, J Blakemore (off 6m) 4, M Murphy (off 9m) 5, G Henderson (off 20m) 6, G van Antwerpen (off scr) 7, A Bidwell (off scr) 8, R Olliver (off scr) 9. M Fletcher (off 9m) 10. Fastest Time- G van Antwerpen 1h30m25s 1, A Bidwell s.t. 2, R Olliver s.t. 3, A Hill 1h31m45s 4, A Gifford s.t. 5.