Andrew Hill Takes Championship Honours

The Marlborough 80km Open Championship was raced for at Fairhall on the Benmorven/Ridge/Godfreys Rd circuit in good fine conditions.
New rider Andrew Hill was moved back to scratch after his Pelorus Cup win from the break mark the previous week.  This did not deter him as he took first place and fastest time after scratch ran through the field on the last of four laps. Four of the six scratch riders remained for the finishing sprint with Hill just edging out Gerard van Antwerpen by inches on the line. Junior under 17 rider Adam Bidwell was third with Nick Batt 4th.
Results: Cuddon Cycling Marlborough 80km Open Championship- A Hill (off scr) Senior Title 1, G van Antwerpen (off scr) Masters Title 2, A Bidwell (off scr) Junior Under 17 Title 3, N Batt (off scr) 4, R Olliver (off scr) 5, M Murphy (off 12m) 6, M Fletcher (off 12m) 7, W Hall (off 20m) 8, C Lang (off 20m) 9. Fastest Time- A Hill (scr) 2h04m48s 1, G van Antwerpen (scr) s.t. 2, A Bidwell (scr) 2h04m49s 3, N Batt (scr) 2h04m51s 4, R Olliver (scr) 2h08m44s 5.