Harper and Rooney take Honours

Craig Harper is certainly in good form as he prepares for his race across America in June. The Open 36km massed start/sealed handicap event on Lower Wairau Circuit saw Harper a clear winner in the sprint finish over Andrew Hill and Gerard van Antwerpen. Stephen Rooney was also a clear winner in the sealed handicap. The junior 14km event was won by Matthew Hall.

Results Saturday 4th May
C Harper 54m28s 1, A Hill 54m29s 2, G van Antwerpen 54m30s 3, S Rooney 56m43s 4, A Bleakley 56m44s 5, A Gifford 58m12s 6, C Anderson s.t. 7, C Lang 64m08s 8, R Hill 64m49s 9. Sealed Handicap- S Rooney (5m) 51m43s 1, C Anderson (5m) 53m12s 2, A Gifford (4m) 54m12s 3, C Harper (scr) 54m28s 4, A Hill (scr) 54m29s 5.